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22 December, 2013

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Alex has been talking about the dangers of Christianity to White people at the VNN Forum, and really, I should talk more about it, too. (Mostly, I talk about Jews). Some of the people at the forum still think that Christianity is good for Whites. But actually, Christianity is bad for Whites. For example, […]

19 December, 2013

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So much for the 1st Amendment. In fact, America is looking more and more like the Soviet Union. Don’t forget: Political Correctness is really Cultural Marxism (as opposed to the usual Economic Marxism) and it was pioneered by a Jew named Georg Lukacs. Also, the pro-homosexual movement was built almost entirely by Jews. So this […]

20 October, 2013

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No, although the Jews have been trying hard for decades to make people think so. Actually, the masters of genocide are Jews. In fact, the word “genocide” was invented by a Jew. The Old Testament of the Bible, which was written by Jews, is full of genocidal events carried out by Jews such as Joshua, […]

12 March, 2013

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Many people don’t know that Vatican City is its own state – it can even issue its own money. Therefore, the Vatican can say whatever it wants to say without fear of penalty. For example, it could regularly and harshly criticize Jews for wrecking Western culture (indeed, thanks to the Jewish control of the pop […]

28 April, 2012

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Why do some people think that Christianity (a Jewish-rooted, egalitarian religion) is somehow good for Western culture (as opposed to Nazism)? Christinsanity isn’t even Western. It’s Middle-Eastern. Further, you can’t serve two masters. You either serve your race, or you serve Jesus. Also, as Alex once said: if Christianity is so great, why did the […]

31 December, 2011

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Genocide: it’s a Jewish thing, you wouldn’t understand. [Article/video].

3 July, 2011

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Here’s a thought: instead of moaning about the Hollowcost, the Jews should be glad that they fulfilled their duty in the world. Because they wrote, in the Old Testament, that they are supposed to be the “sacrificial lambs of mankind” [1]. In other words, the Jews will suffer instead of the rest of the world […]

19 April, 2011

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After being Jewed twice, it looks like Hungary wants to make a comeback. But as long as the Hungarians cling to a turn-the-other-cheek, egalitarian religion birthed by Jews (i.e., Christianity), they aren’t going to be very successful in the battle against the NWO/JWO [1]. [Article]. [1] The Old Testament was written by Jews. Some say […]

3 December, 2010

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Since Biblical times, the Jews have been hot for destruction (consider Joshua, for example). In modern times, Israel frequently attacks its neighbors. So, it shouldn’t be surprising that not only was the atomic bomb instigated and built by Jews [1], but so was the neutron bomb: [Obituary]. [1] Albert Einstein, Leo Szilard, J. Robert Oppenheimer, […]

28 September, 2010

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It’s funny that they use the word “exodus” in the headline. It sounds so…Old Testament. As to why they would leave, maybe Obama isn’t enough of a Zionist for them: [Article].