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16 February, 2013

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England is already a surveillance society, with video cameras on every street. [Article].

8 February, 2013

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Here’s one way: require gun owners to carry mandatory firearms insurance which they really can’t afford. No insurance, no guns. (It isn’t too much different from mandatory auto insurance, which is another “tax” on blue-collar White people. I say “blue-collar” people because they can least afford mandatory monthly fees. Those who argue in favor of […]

29 August, 2009

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It’s just a coincidence, isn’t it, that, back in the 1990s, the Clinton’s public-health-care guru (Ira Magaziner) was Jewish, and Obama’s public-health-care guru (Ezekiel Emanuel) is also Jewish? It just happened to turn out that way, huh?

7 May, 2008

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During the ‘war on terror’ – a.k.a., the war on Israel’s enemies – all you need to do is follow the government’s orders and everything will be just swell. America’s Jewish leaders, such as Chertoff and Attorney General Michael Mukasey, are safeguarding your interests 24/7. It’s true. Really. Think no more about it: [Article].

15 March, 2008

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by Charley Reese: [Here].

22 September, 2006

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Alex, Check out the story below. I like the title, it made me laugh and what are the chances of that? It simply warms my heart to know that mommy Beck and all her expansive and well paid crew of badged nursery school attendants will be visiting our local kinderbeergartens to make sure everyone wipes […]