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28 April, 2007

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“Homophobia” is an interesting word. It means that a non-homosexual is afraid of homosexuals – which usually isn’t true, no matter how repulsive a straight person might find an ass-burglar. And guess who coined the word “homophobia?” [1] [1] the word “homophobia”:

2 December, 2006

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[Graphics referred to in text pasted below. This article, originally written for TAA4, will appear in White Patriot Leader #2.] Why “They” Promote Homosexuality in Public Schools…and Everywhere Else By Alex Linder, editor of Vanguard News Network ( and Kirksville Today (

17 November, 2006

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Every year, the same old thing: the college paper promotes faggotry, mexcrement, jews and other disease vectors. They’ve achieved the perfect seal always sought in those old commercials. No speck of food can get between denture and gum; no speck of contrarian idea can get between jew brainwashing and kwallege kid. LTE in comments […]

15 September, 2006

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Good example of just how far things have fallen. Fags are open and shrieking in public; Whites are supposed to be embarrassed and cringe in private. Please note all images appear on page two, so if you’re going to bitch, don’t. Faggotry is both approved and funded by government – the same government that hates […]