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28 August, 2019

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About 60 young negroes run into a drugstore, grab merchandise, and run out. This is becoming a common thing in America, now that they have discovered that no one can stop a mob of 60 negroes; this behavior will only increase with time. Video, duration is 4 minutes.

15 August, 2019

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Oh, that’s hilarious, junglebunny. Actually, White people aren’t the problem. The real security threat is “Jews holding powerful positions within the U.S. government” and that problem has existed for decades. Indeed, there was a warning memo issued by a U.S. government office in October 1995 about the dangers of people of Jewish “ethnicity” (oy veh!) […]

13 July, 2019

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Negro #1: “If’n dat gun ain’t a ben on de table dat day, my LaDerrickus, he still be alive today, word! It be de gun dat kill ‘im!” Negro #2: “Sho’ nuff! Dem White peepo guns, dey be killin’ all de peepo in dis hood! Dey’s all be nearly daid affer dem guns show up!” […]

13 May, 2019

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“LaKevin have 5 rocks o’ crack. Den, he sell 4 o’ dem rocks. Den, he steal 3 mo’ rocks o’ crack. How many rocks o’ crack do LaKevin has now?” “Uhhhmmm, eleventeen!” [Article].

30 April, 2019

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“Woke”: It’s the new, stupid, negro word. The other day I saw a mainstream newspaper using this hip-and-trendy word to describe a White actress’ liberal political views. Apparently, if you have culturally Marxist views, you are “woke.” (No, you are a “joke” but I digress…). The word “woke” — as used today — is negro […]

8 April, 2019

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First of all, only a small percentage of Whites owned slaves. In other words, most Whites didn’t own slaves. So why are all (presumably) White tax dollars going to be used to pay for reparations? Secondly, let’s talk about all the millions of violent crimes that Blacks have committed against Whites since, let’s say, 1945. […]

22 February, 2019

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Black mathematician #1: “I’s be countin’ to nine, usin’ ma fingers!” Black mathematician #2: “I’s be countin’ to eleventeen usin’ ma fingers an’ ma toes!” Black academic: “I’s be usin’ kemmostry to make malt likker wit’ nun o’ dem little bubbles in it — den you kin drink it waaaay faster! I’s be a geenius!” […]

12 January, 2019

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Black/Brown person: “As a person of color, I demand blah, blah, blah, and I also demand blah, blah, blah, and…hate, racism, hate, racism, muh civil rights, equality, reparations, blah, blah, blah…” You: “America is a White country. It was founded by White people. Are you White?” You’ve just won the “argument” by making a key […]

20 August, 2018

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(Above: the White-built city of Johannesburg, South Africa) “It comes as the South African government pushes ahead with plans to amend the country’s constitution to allow for the expropriation of land without compensation.” Yeah, that’s called theft. Ya know, stealing. Apparently, it’s okay to steal land from White people. Newbies, White people built South Africa: […]

18 August, 2018

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(Above: the Earth’s moon) A parable: Many centuries ago, Black and Brown people walked out of the bushes and onto the beach for the first time. They stood and looked out across the ocean, shrugged, and then walked back into the bushes. Later, White people walked onto the same beach, looked out across the ocean, […]