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25 January, 2010

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The crime statistics are “controversial”? More like “easily preventable”: [Article].

20 December, 2009

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Why is democracy called a good thing? Is cancer also a good thing? Democracy means “any idiot can participate in politics.” That’s what it meant in ancient Athens (the birthplace of democracy, where politicians were chosen by lot, i.e., at random, which was “equality” that any Marxist today would applaud) and that’s what it means […]

30 November, 2009

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Two men talk in the year 2120, somewhere in North America: Brown man #1: “What ever happened to the White people?” Brown man #2: “Lucky for us, they were too kind to everyone.” [Article].

7 November, 2009

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It seems that most of the accused rapists were non-White. [Article]. More about the case: [Here].

28 July, 2009

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The God Of Golf is less than god-like? Say it isn’t so! [Article].

19 July, 2009

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In the future, there will be no White people. The world will be full of brown men, as envisioned by the Jews and the globalists (above: UNESCO’s faceless, featureless, one-size-fits-all Brown Man). Those men will need money to buy Jew-approved goods and services, right? Right. Trivia: UNESCO was co-founded by a Jew named Rene Cassin: […]

10 February, 2009

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Farmer: “What’s for dinner?” Amazon Indians: “You.” [Article].