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28 January, 2015

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A perfect example of what happens when a White republic becomes a multicultural democracy: law and order disappears. People say that “what happens in California now will happen in the rest of America in 20 years.” So, you people in Iowa have something to look forward to! [Article].

8 November, 2014

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Illegal aliens sneak into our country and we reward them with drivers licenses. Absolute insanity. (By the way, federal law prohibits aiding and abetting illegal aliens. Giving them drivers licenses is aiding them). [Article].

21 July, 2014

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Good idea. Currently, California is a total mess. Many towns are bankrupt, and it’s full of liberals and Mexicans. Local control, as opposed to control from the liberal-dominated state capitol, would help Whites in California. (In fact, as we move forward in time, look for the map of America to change greatly. States will split […]

22 February, 2014

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I know how to cure a Nazi: hand him a bag of pot and a bus ticket to Berkeley. Problem solved! The next time you see him, he’ll be wearing sandals and saying “far out, man!” [Article].

27 November, 2013

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As time goes by and their numbers increase, Mexicans will become even bolder (and more violent). By 2014, Mexicans will outnumber Whites in California, so they really should rename it – how about “Mexifornia”? [Article].

6 October, 2013

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This bill (SB 374), like most anti-gun bills in America, is being sponsored by a Jew. (If America were a sane country, this type of thing would happen instead: Jew: “I’d like to buy a personal computer.” Store Clerk: “Well, first of all, are you a Jew?” Jew: “What’s that got to do with anything??” […]

5 October, 2013

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In 1955, we arrested illegal aliens. Now, we give them driver’s licenses. What’s next? Allowing illegals to vote and hold public office? What part of “illegal” don’t people understand? [Article].

2 July, 2013

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Seen on the TV: California game wardens expressing great concern about the poaching of abalone (a type of shellfish found in the ocean). Apparently, large amounts of time and money are spent by the state’s Fish and Game agency to try to stop the poachers, lest the abalone disappear from California waters. Yet, at the […]

15 July, 2011

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Liberals are funny people. They say they’re for freedom-of-choice, but yet they want to make everything compulsory. The good side of this law is: thousands of parents will start homeschooling their kids. Or, they may flee California entirely. [Article].

15 April, 2011

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Jews and liberals must hate Arizona – it’s not Assachusetts or Californicate. If only the Arizona legislature would tackle some racial issues… [Article]. [Article].