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18 March, 2022

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I frequently focus on newbies, since oldbies already know. I learned that from Dr. William Pierce, who always posed things in a way in which the newbie could easily grasp them. (A great example of that is Pierce’s ADV broadcast/essay “How It Fits Together” which is a must-read). Recall about two weeks ago, when I […]

5 May, 2019

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They hated Richard Nixon. But they really, really, severely hate Trump. Why? I could type for awhile about this topic, but let’s keep it simple: Reason #1: Trump is a populist. Meaning, among other things, that he’s unconventional and unpredictable compared to “mainstream” conservatives. He champions “the little guy/the average guy” which makes him popular […]

8 November, 2018

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I’ve said it before: Jews, such as Frum, fear populism because it’s a very big tent under which millions of people can fit comfortably, together. Under this big tent, White Nationalists, isolationists, farmers, truck drivers and plain old patriotic citizens can all shout the same “America first/protectionist/isolationist/anti-NWO/anti-globalist/racist or semi-racist” slogans with equal vigor. This scares […]

18 March, 2012

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I agree with Father Charles Coughlin: banks shouldn’t be private playpens that are run by Jews. They should be run by the government. They would be not-for-profit, and run merely as a public service. The only fees charged by the banks would be paperwork fees. [Article].

20 June, 2011

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(No doubt, this will piss some people off, but there’s nothing wrong with looking under the hood of White Nationalism once in a while and seeing what’s underneath. In fact, the “anti-Semitic” movement was led mostly by northerners [e.g., Henry Ford, Robert Edward Edmondson, Gerald L. K. Smith, Father Charles Coughlin, George Lincoln Rockwell, Revilo […]

23 January, 2010

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Don’t even think it – you’ll scare the Jews. How will the sheenies rake in big profits if the states own the banks? In fact, that sounds like something Father Coughlin would have suggested: [Article]. About the North Dakota state bank: [Article].

9 August, 2009

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“Bernanke’s Politburo”? That’s sort of an interesting comment, i.e., recall Father Charles Coughlin’s similar comment about the Federal Reserve being Leninesque. (By the way: this is a good article, but just for the benefit of newbies, I want to mention that the Federal Reserve doesn’t physically print America’s money, as you might think by reading […]

12 November, 2008

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Like trying to look through a wall [1]: [Article]. [1] Rev. Charles E. Coughlin said that the Federal Reserve adopted the “doctrine of Lenin.” Coughlin advocated abolishing the Federal Reserve system in favor of government-owned-and-run banks that could only receive and loan U.S. government money (not Federal Reserve Notes) and that could not create money. […]