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7 April, 2007

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Like we say, Jesus is the only jew the Christians don’t fear. Gutless sons of bitches – follow them to your perdition, fools. Pope Benedict XVI Makes an ADL-Rabbi a “Papal Knight” In what must have bewildered many Catholics across the globe and further disillusioned them from the Catholic Church, Pope Benedict XVI has appointed […]

10 November, 2006

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Exploring Eschatology and Conspiracy: Book Review–Grace Halsell’s Forcing God’s Hand (Apollonian, May 05) Surely a topmost strategic priority for patriots is deactivation of the weapons and assets of our Judaic and associated enemies. And one of the real political/cultural strengths of the Jews are the Judaized so-called “Christians”–really gross heretics–who are foremost supporters of Israel, […]

5 October, 2006

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There is no earthly power the chrizzling won’t truckle before. As the jews are top dog, the christian cunt, to be redundant, adds racism to his anti-evolution Schimpflexicon in his neverending jeboohad against fact. [Reader:] This is a comic penned by some radical christians that are claiming evolution is racist. The comic reads: “Don’t you […]