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26 December, 2018

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“The Elie Wiesel Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Act passed final votes last week in the Senate and the House of Representatives.” Uhhh, let me get this straight: legislation designed to prevent genocide is named after the people who invented, and who advocate, genocide? Okay. Suuure. Riiiggghhtt.

4 December, 2018

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News headline: US Postal Service to Suspend Delivery Wednesday in Former President George H.W. Bush’s Honor. Yeah, right, let’s honor the man who launched the 1991 Gulf War for Israel’s benefit! [1][2]. He brought Saddam “to heel” in a war that wasn’t even ours. Then later, his son launched another war for Israel in 2003 […]

21 November, 2017

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Every time someone is aiding evil in a really big way, you can bet money that he is a Jew [1]. One example: Bernard Baruch, who helped push America into WWII [2]. Another example: Jacob Schiff, who funded the Bolshevik revolution [3]. Another example is Henry Morgenthau, Jr., re: Nazi Germany. Another is Paul M. […]

20 July, 2017

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The Jews, as a people, are notoriously ethnocentric (i.e., racist); indeed, the Jews were the first people to state, as their official doctrine, that they are superior to all other humans (because, they claim, they have a special contract/agreement with God himself) [1]. So, it’s quite funny that this Jewish “racism expert” would lecture children […]

19 June, 2017

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(Above: the son of Jewish immigrants and a U.S. communist party founder, Benjamin Gitlow) Despite his surname, Stephens is a Jew. Deport Americans, eh? He’s a bold fellow, I’ll give him that (chutzpah is the word). But I’ve got a better idea: deport anyone who isn’t White (that includes Jews) since it was White men […]

20 October, 2015

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This writer is correct about one thing: gun ownership and demographics. Gun ownership is very much a White/male thing, and as America becomes less White due to mass immigration and race-mixing, gun rights will become less and less respected and will eventually vanish altogether. (Additionally, the Second Amendment is probably the most important constitutional right, […]

4 December, 2014

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First, the feminists demanded to be allowed into the workplace, so they were. Once there, they demanded that the workplace rules be changed to accommodate them, so they were changed. Now, private companies must bend over backwards for pregnant women who know beforehand that they will be unable to perform certain work while pregnant, and, […]

6 November, 2014

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“Riot rules” for the police, huh? That’s hilarious! Who would think that the police would agree to anything of the sort? You might as well believe in the Tooth Fairy. [Article].

11 April, 2014

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(Above: Arnold Aronson). In the late 1950s and early 1960s, Jews such as congressman Emanuel Celler and activist Arnold Aronson used their political clout to create “civil rights” laws. The laws took away the rights of White people (such as private-property rights, e.g., hiring whomever you want) so that Blacks and Browns could fully integrate […]

20 February, 2014

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Spain: “I’m sorry I noticed that Jews are a race of swindlers and con artists! I’m sorry I protected my people by expelling you in 1492! Do you forgive me?” Big Jew: “Well, I might forgive you, if you bend over backwards to satisfy me and you promise never to notice my character flaws again.” […]