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28 October, 2007

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Do you still think us “Racists” and “Haters” are crazy? Well then I suggest you listen to tonight’s broadcast of VNN’s Free Talk Live with your host Mark Faust at 9pm est as he goes through all the FACTS and evidence of how World Jewish Power has a tight grip on the governments of the […]

27 September, 2006

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24 April, 2006

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[Why focus on Minnesota? Why not? Through the microcosm of one of the northernmost non-coastal states we see America disintegrating into nigger criminals, mexcremental diseased aliens, and mountebank jews “isn’t it great?”-ing us to death with their jeering asininities. And cool, gullible Lutheran Swedes letting it all happen with the impassive countenance of dairy ruminants.]

17 April, 2006

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[Reader writes…] When niggers lie about ‘whitey’ Jew media cums On the tape, which was recorded April 3, three weeks after the lacrosse party, the guard can be heard saying, “There ain’t no way she was raped — ain’t no way, no way that happened.”

9 April, 2006

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Alex, In the past couple of weeks I’ve never heard this mentioned. Durham has the highest murder rate in N. Carolina? And the media is reporting that one alleged rape “has citizens concerned”? From all the media reports I thought that the only problem Durham had was a few “white privileged males” getting drunk and […]

8 April, 2006

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[You can pluck the coon from Haiti, dip it in lice-killer, send it to a fine hyooman institution, elect it to the poobahcy first ballot, pay for its eatings and snoozings, its bookings and crewzings, but in the end the organ grinds for you white man, for you are the monkey who could be a […]

29 March, 2006

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[Hard to spot against the background of native nigger ordure, but, surprisingly enough, adding a bunch of low-rent niggers hasn’t improved Houston.] Katrina Evacuees Wear Out Stay in Houston By ANGELA K. BROWN ASSOCIATED PRESSHOUSTON (AP) -Seven months after taking in about 200,000 Louisiana residents left homeless by Hurricane Katrina, Houstonians aren’t feeling so hospitable […]

22 March, 2006

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Mexcrement Family Values Mom Was Son’s Booster During Gang Rape, Authorities Say The Anaheim attack is payback by gang members mad at the victim’s boyfriend, officials believe. Ten people are charged. By Sara Lin, Times Staff Writer March 14, 2006 A mother who authorities say cheered on her son and his gangster friends as they […]