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12 June, 2021

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Communism: not only is it fake, even the name of it is fake. There is no such thing as communism, since no state has ever reached the final (second) stage of “communism,” where the state “withers away” [1]. Therefore, there remains in the world only varying types of failed Jewish socialism [2]. Calling it “communism” […]

4 June, 2021

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Seen on the web: “All men are equal in the humanitarian ideal of Freemasonry. The old edition of the “Universal Handbook of Freemasonry” says of this Masonic ideal: “Humanity refers to all men. It means universal love, which rises above all differences and divisions of humanity: it doesn’t inquire about racial or religious community. It […]

3 June, 2021

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Yeah, they’re equal all right: equally miserable! In Cuba, only the “elites” can get caviar and chocolate! But wait a second: how can a communist country have “elites” anyway? I mean, don’t they all share everything in communist countries? Don’t they sit around campfires singing happy songs about peace, love, brotherhood, freedom and world conquest? […]

3 June, 2021

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Many people believe that president Harry Truman was a decent, honest guy — you know, “the buck stops here” and so forth. Well, no. Truman was a traitor, like all liberals. He had no sense of, and no concern for, national security matters. There were at least 2 Soviet spy groups operating in America circa […]

1 June, 2021

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“U.S. News and World Report estimated that as many as “50% of 1,300 policy-level staff members of the U.N. were either Communists or willing to follow Communist directions. Lord Beaverbrook pointed to the peculiarity of our UN membership: “You Americans are a strange contradiction. You spend huge sums of money fighting the fifth column in […]

31 May, 2021

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“The UN flag was actually created in the presentation branch of the United States Office of Strategic Services (OSS) in April, 1945. The man who headed this department at the time and who supervised the flag design was Carl Aldo Marzani. It was later revealed that Marzani was a member of the Communist party and […]

31 May, 2021

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“…all aims and objects of this cleverly camouflaged nucleus of the future ‘one world’ government are nothing other than unadulterated communism in a disguise and wearing a cloak which conceals the true purpose for which its conspirators created this abomination.” — Congressman John T. Wood (R-Idaho), 1952, speaking to Congress about the UN. From the […]

30 May, 2021

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(Above: a young Joe McCarthy, circa 1944). by James Drummey (September 1996). Like Hitler and Donald Trump, nearly everything you hear about Sen. Joseph McCarthy (R-Wisconsin; 1908-1957) is a lie. All you really need to know is that he was right: there were indeed hundreds of communists working inside the U.S. government circa 1950. And […]

23 May, 2021

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(Above: Antifa [a Jewish-founded movement] holds a meeting in Germany circa 1932, just before Adolf Hitler took office). “The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you” — old Polish proverb. Hitler actually waited too long to get tough with the Jews (i.e., he waited about 4 years after taking office). Given that the […]

19 May, 2021

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“You can never be woke enough, that’s the problem,’ (talk-show host) Rogan stated in a recent conversation with stand-up comedian Joe List about the effect cancel culture is having on comedy.” Yes. Rogan is entirely correct. As soon as you give in to one leftist demand, three more demands are presented to you. The demands […]