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27 December, 2016

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At the risk of defending Trump’s Zionism, he has a basic problem: in order to get things done politically, he must work closely with Congress, which is controlled by Republicans, most of whom love Israel. So, Trump more or less has to “play the role of a Zionist” in order to get certain things done. […]

15 June, 2016

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Historically speaking, it has been Jews who have led the gun-control movement in Congress. Well, surprise, surprise! In the aftermath of the June 12 Florida nightclub mass-shooting, two Jewish politicians (Feinstein and Schumer) are pushing for more gun control laws: [Article].

11 May, 2016

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Big Jew: “Speaker Ryan, here’s what I want you to do: call Donald Trump to a meeting in Washington. Tell him that he must water down his ideology, it’s way too extreme for me. Tell him that he must forget about building a border wall. He must forget about a ban on Muslim immigration into […]

25 September, 2015

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Boehner resigned because he knows that, after Donald Trump legitimized anti-immigration sentiments, his soft-on-immigration Republican Party is in serious political trouble. If the Republicans get tough on immigration and back Trump, it will greatly displease their wealthy Jewish donors and their Big Agriculture buddies (but mostly the former). However, if they don’t get tough on […]

19 July, 2015

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PR is a good idea: don’t you want to choose between more than just two political parties? Another idea is to not send “professional politicians” to Washington every few years via voting, but to instead select federal politicians like they select grand juries: from a pool of ordinary citizens. Give the members of the pool […]

10 February, 2015

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Jewish dual-citizenship is a big problem, especially when the people-in-question are very powerful and very rich. [Article].

1 February, 2015

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Now would be a great time (i.e., post-Ferguson) for Duke to run for Congress. If he gets enough support, he might. That could be a big political breakthrough for White nationalists, or, at least it would be good publicity for nationalists. [Article] and [Article].

15 December, 2014

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A Muslim took hostages in a cafe in Sydney, Australia, but the incident has ended, although several people were killed, apparently. Now, you might ask yourself, “Why are Muslims in Australia?” Good question. Here’s the answer: in all of the White countries, Jewish organizations and Jewish politicians put pressure on the governments to increase non-White […]

13 December, 2014

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Would I want to live under fascism? Not really, but some forms of fascism (e.g., Franco’s Spain) were tolerable, if not exactly free. Anyway, under fascism, when a law is needed, it can be created in a day or two by the head of state [1]. Under democracy, the political parties fight over a bill […]

6 November, 2014

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“A nation creates borders and laws to protect its own citizens. What about their needs?” — Senator Jeff Sessions, R-Alabama.