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20 September, 2007

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“Eastern Promises” is a new film about Russian mobsters in London. Does this movie portray any of the characters in it as Jewish? [1][2]: [Review]. [1] the Russian mob mentioned as being mostly Jewish: [Here] [2] about the movie’s director, Cronenberg: [Here]

5 September, 2007

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5 July, 2007

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Three charged in home invasion: [Article]

30 November, 2006

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Selective Distortion and You Graph compliments of the [FBI] Departrment of Justice By Curt Maynard Newsweek magazine recently published an extensive article entitled Leading the Way,” in which the magazine detailed the lives of twenty “powerful” American women that Newsweek felt best represented the topic of the future of “women and leadership,” in the […]

7 November, 2006

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27 September, 2006

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By Robert Ericsson I. Introduction In 2005, a group called the “Beyond Diversity Resource Center” ( released a study which ranked all 50 states in terms of their “diversity”. Using data from the U.S. Census Bureau for the year 2000, the study assigned a numerical score to each state. This number was intended to quantify […]

25 August, 2006

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Iowa Man Convicted for “Threatening” Judge August 25, 2006 @ 11:42 am · Filed under crime · Edit Judges are treated as a class above the law.  They are free to follow or not follow the written law in making their decisions, but should anybody resent their Diktats in any but the very mildest, lawyer-formulated […]

13 July, 2006

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Rape is what Africans do.  It is speciesist to judge them by human standards. Johannesburg has become the rape capital of the world, with a survey this year reporting one in three women questioned had been raped in the past 12 months. A quarter of schoolboys surveyed in Soweto thought “jackrolling,” as South Africans call […]

13 July, 2006

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by Anne Coulter ESPN, a Jew-owned global sports network that has run over 200 stories promoting false rape allegations made by a negro stripper against white Duke students, has failed to run a single story on its main page regarding the alleged gang rape of an 11-year-old Latino child by ten black members of two […]

13 July, 2006

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When a jew murders goyim — not a crime under jewish law — fellow jews are to aid him and cover for him, should the goyim grow suspicious. That abetting is jewish law. Jews form an alien, hostile body that feeds off the host – you and me. A political body that permits a hostile […]