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7 April, 2014

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George Lincoln Rockwell once asked an interesting question about communism: why did America travel thousands of miles to Vietnam to fight communism but virtually ignore communism in Cuba, which is just 90 miles from Florida? America’s policy re: communism is sick and shameful. In Nicaragua in 1979, anti-communist leader Somoza asked for America’s help in […]

19 November, 2013

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Need any more proof that the UN is totally bogus? Why is America still a member of this Jewish-founded organization? [Article].

4 August, 2013

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(Above: a naked Robert Mugabe enjoying his favorite food) Fidel Castro used to “win” elections in Cuba. It’s funny how communist dictators always win elections. Trivia: most Blacks in Zimbabwe want to return to White rule. [Article].

2 February, 2013

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(Above: Hitler and Mussolini) Hitlerism is making a comeback in Europe? If only! Maybe then we could save the West from the collapse that is coming. Newbies, the truth is, during WWII, the Western allies should have sided with the fascists, not the communists. Fascism is a Western ideology which actually works, despite its warts. […]

13 November, 2012

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The ghost of Karl Marx says: “The Boy Scouts are standing in the way of human equality. Something must be done, and soon. Either that, or everyone must move to Cuba.” [Article].

15 April, 2012

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Want proof that the American media is morally bankrupt and therefore has absolutely no right to yell about the injustices done to the negro Trayvon Martin? Here it is: Cuba. For years, innocent people from all walks of life (Black, Brown and White, i.e., White Spaniards) have been rotting in filthy prisons in Cuba. Their […]

14 March, 2012

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Seen: a movie about the communist thug Ernesto “Che” Guevara. Many people don’t know a crucial fact about Ernie-Boy: the media made him [1]. In fact, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara would have been unknown in history if the Western (read: Jewish) media hadn’t made them into modern-day Robin Hoods who were merely fighting on […]

14 October, 2009

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This isn’t related to race per se but it is about the battle against the Jewish ideology of Marxism. Argentina’s “dirty war” is an interesting topic to study for several different reasons, e.g., the total hypocrisy of the “international community” regarding it vs. similar leftist crimes [1], and the failure of “democracy” to solve serious […]

19 November, 2008

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Cuban-style conversation monitoring at a major university [1]: [Article]. [1] the roots of Cultural Marxism are, of course, Jewish, i.e., Karl Marx, Georg Lukacs, Max Horkheimer and the Frankfurt School group, etc.