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5 November, 2013

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(Above: Karl Radek) Jewish communists, such as Karl Radek, tried to establish economic (i.e., traditional) Marxism in the West, but it didn’t take [1]. Cultural Marxism, however, is doing just fine! It’s basically a religion in all the White countries. Never mind that, according to the laws of nature, human equality will never exist. Worse, […]

31 October, 2013

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…White people stop apologizing to non-Whites [1]. Why do White people care about what non-Whites think? Who gives a crap?! [VNN Forum]. [1] newbies, this includes Jews, who are not genetically White despite having White skin

4 October, 2013

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Good article, but Gramsci gets too much credit for Cultural Marxism. Georg Lukacs, a Jew, used it before anyone else. Add to that the Frankfurt School, and regular Marxism, which also came from a Jew (Marx), and you’ve got a West that has been almost entirely dismantled by one race: Jews. [Article]. Mjolnir website: [Here].

28 September, 2013

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How unfair. Since when is a right-wing political party a “criminal organization”? Since the Jews, the leftists and the globalists decided that it is. Golden Dawn is being persecuted. [Article].

19 September, 2013

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Once you destroy a culture, it’s impossible to revive it. It’s dead. You’d think White people would be rioting in the streets over their coming genocide, but no, they won’t riot. They’ll sit in front of the TV eating donuts until the Grim Reaper shows up. [Article].

3 August, 2013

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Jew: “Some people say that Americans are losing their right to free speech. But that’s silly. Blacks, Mexicans, women and queers can say anything they want to say!” [Article].

29 July, 2013

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The Pope is embracing human equality, which is actually Cultural Marxism, which came from Jews. Note also the euphemism “gay” (instead of “homosexual”) which came from a Jew named Gertrude Stein [1]. [Article]. [1] see Stein’s 1922 story “Miss Furr and Miss Skeene”

9 July, 2013

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Your neighbor? He’s a queer. Your pastor? Your doctor? They’re fags, too. Your sister? She’s a closet lesbo. In fact, even your dog is queer – at least, that’s what they want you to think. The truth is, only a very, very tiny percentage of the Western world is homo. But that tiny percentage is […]

28 June, 2013

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Two U.S. Supreme Court decisions leave queers feeling gay. [Article].

26 June, 2013

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(Above: Jewish communist Georg Lukacs) The treatment of chef Paula Deen is totally Bolshevik: it’s old-time communist persecution that Georg Lukacs, the father of Political Correctness, would engage in. (Note that Deen allegedly made the remark 30 years ago, and she has already apologized repeatedly). [Article].