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4 July, 2014

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Let’s see: the immigrants are illegal, but we shouldn’t call them “illegal”? Why not? You know why not: how can all humans be “equal” if we treat them unequally and attach “negative” labels to them? [Article].

18 June, 2014

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First of all, who gives a damn if American Indians – the most unsuccessful people on earth next to the Negroes – are offended? Second of all, this voiding of the trademark is nothing but Political Correctness, which is actually Cultural Marxism, which came from Jews. [Article].

6 June, 2014

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Saved the world? Ha-ha! That’s pure propaganda [1]. In fact, almost everything you’ve ever heard about World War II is nonsense. (Yeah, okay, in a way, that slogan is correct: D-Day did save the world…for the egalitarianism and Cultural Marxism that followed WWII). [Article]. [1] England didn’t have to declare war on Germany, nor did […]

4 June, 2014

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In Colorado, bakery employees cannot discriminate against homosexuals and, worse, they must be “re-educated” about the proper treatment of queers. Keep in mind, this is a private business which is not run by any government agency. So much for private-property rights. [Article].

24 May, 2014

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(Above: Golden Dawn’s insignia) The “Western” (read: Jewish/leftist) media has been severely critical of Golden Dawn, a party which is probably the only hope for a bright future for Europe. In other words, if Golden Dawn’s (and Jobbik’s) ideas spread and take root, Europe could return to greatness. If not, then Europe will probably collapse […]

16 May, 2014

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It’s a word that’s so terrible, so evil, that no one can say it. They can only abbreviate it: the “N-word.” How third-grade is that? Who gives a damn if Blacks don’t like it? [Article].

12 May, 2014

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What’s the difference between Marxism and Christianity? One worships a dead Jew, and the other worships a dead Jew on a stick. Both ideologies say that humans are, or can be, equal. Both ideologies deny race and creed. Why are you a Christian, White man? White people gave the world to mankind. White people are […]

10 May, 2014

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Actually, that’s not quite right. Jewspeak has arrived. Any speech which is not approved by the Jewish media or by the Jewish homosexual lobby is forbidden and is therefore “thoughtcrime.” [Article].

8 May, 2014

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The homosexual lobby is on a crusade to put faggotry into every area of human life – no part of society is safe from it. [Article] and [Article].

3 May, 2014

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What the hell is a “human right”? It’s not a right, it’s Jewish/communist bullshit. For example, the UN’s 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights (yes, “universal”!) was edited by a Jew named René Cassin [1]. It’s funny how every document or law that takes away White rights was written/edited/produced/sponsored by a Jew. Just like the […]