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6 September, 2012

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Which political party do you want to serve you heaping spoonfuls of Cultural Marxism? The left-wing one, or the right-wing one? Both political parties push human equality/One World, One People/No Nations Allowed Except Israel. The only real difference between the two is that one party is religious and more conservative, and the other party isn’t […]

21 August, 2012

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You knew it would happen sooner or later! Now, will all of the “women-only” organizations and businesses admit men? Of course not. [Article].

19 August, 2012

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A VNN reader writes: “Diversity is against the experience of mankind. In all the pages of history, there is no instance that Negroes and Whites were congenial towards each other in every day society.” That’s a great point. Historically speaking, Blacks, Whites, Asians and Mexicans did not live together, e.g., in New York City or […]

18 August, 2012

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…you can never please all of the ethnic groups. And why is Canada “diverse” anyway? Like all Western countries, it was founded by White men [1]. Asians are Eastern, not Western. Why are they in Canada? [Article]. [1] all 36 of Canada’s “Fathers of Confederation” (i.e., founding fathers) were White, yet – just like in […]

5 August, 2012

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“The Manifesto traces the roots of modernity to Christianity.” So modernity is Jewish, since Jews wrote the Old Testament. Jews also birthed the political movements which attack tradition, i.e., the left-wing ideologies. [Article].

28 July, 2012

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(This is from June, but I had not seen it until now). There’s only one problem with that idea: Europe is the West, and Western culture is White, not Black or Brown or Asian. So, this call for “undermining the homogeneity” of Europe is a call for the ending/destroying of White culture and therefore White […]

24 July, 2012

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It’s hard to know what motivates people. The gunman in Aurora, Colorado could have been a wacko since birth. However, it’s safe to say that, if America had a real culture instead of a cheap, pop culture, the number of crazed gunmen in it would be fewer. In a country where feelings of community and […]

15 July, 2012

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An international organization that champions human blights (i.e., muds, Jews, queers) will investigate Golden Dawn. By the way, since all countries have natural sovereignty, the meddling of international groups in Greece such as ‘Council of Europe Human Rights’ is illegal. [Article].

14 July, 2012

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Just the other day on TV, someone called Marxism/communism an “economic” ideology. Is it? That depends on whether you’re looking at the fantasy of it, or the reality of it. In reality, communism was aimed at the White countries, in order to destroy them, by the (non-White) Jew named Karl Marx. So it was actually […]

8 July, 2012

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Austrian man: “I don’t understand it. My 23-year-old son was healthy. How could he suddenly die? He followed Dr. Suzie Pinkpanties’ medical advice to the letter.” Yeah, that’s why he died, doofus. If women and muds were “equal” to White men, they wouldn’t need special rules and mandates to make them equal. [Article].