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21 March, 2011

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Ira Goldbergwitz: “Just think, Ben. Soon, Libya will be a pro-Israel democracy filled with fast-food restaurants, shopping malls and rebellious, over-sexed teenagers.” Ben Silversteinfeld: “Yes, indeed, Ira. I can see scores of ‘progressive’ universities all over Libya with Jewish professors teaching ‘gender studies’ and ‘queer theory.’ Tikkun olam, Ira – it’s a beautiful thing!” [Article].

24 February, 2011

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To destroy the culture of a country (the traditions, values and folkways), just add democracy. Look at America. We no longer have a real culture. We have a media-driven pop culture. Not the same thing [1]. [Article]. [1] granted, you could say that America doesn’t have its own culture per se but is a collection […]

27 January, 2011

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Not to worry. If worse comes to worst, Israel can do what it always does: invade Lebanon: [Article].

26 December, 2010

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In an equalocracy, no less! (I guess some equalocracies are more equal than others): [Article].

2 December, 2010

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Big Jew (whispering to America, who is giving a speech): “We must fight wars all over the world for peace, freedom and democracy.” America: “We must fight wars all over the world for peace, freedom and democracy.” Big Jew: “Even if we don’t like them, endless wars are necessary.” America: “Even if we don’t like […]

19 November, 2010

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“Alarmed at the growing appeal of the far right, leaders of the centre-right and centre-left are struggling to form a coherent response.” Ha-ha! Western demotards are afraid of the far-right, and they should be. The far-right has been down for too long and, more importantly, it has the truth on its side. Lies don’t last […]

17 August, 2010

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Years ago, when America was still a White republic, there existed private-property rights, which protected business owners. But today, thanks to Jews like congressman Emanuel Celler, those rights are gone. Now, the federal government tells you who you can hire and fire: [Article] and [Article]. More about the EEOC (scroll down the page about half-way) […]

2 August, 2010

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Wait!…come back…what about Pakistan, and Somethingstan, and Somethingsomethingstan?…your work for Big Jew isn’t finished yet…what about tikkun olam and democrazy?… [Article].

12 July, 2010

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Life in a Jewmocracy is always filled with excitement! If his cellphone played a speech by a mass-murdering leftist like Stalin, that would surely be okay since Jewrmany is nearly a communist country, politically speaking: [Article].

29 May, 2010

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Think this would be happening if America was still a White republic run by White men? [Article].