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6 August, 2009

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But, if America doesn’t push Equalocracy onto the rest of the world, then there goes the Jews’ best chance for major tikkun olam: [Article].

5 August, 2009

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by Dr. William Pierce. “William Shakespeare is out. Maya Angelou, Frantz Fanon, and W.E.B. DuBois are in. I’m talking about fashion at American universities. There’s been some discussion in the mass media recently about the fact that American universities are phasing out Shakespeare and the other creators of our European culture and replacing them with […]

29 July, 2009

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by Tom Sunic. “One of the secret lies of liberal democracy is the dogma of free speech. The word ‘propaganda’ has obtained over the last six decades a nasty flavor; hence the need to use the word ‘communication.’ However, as much as everybody in modern society craves to communicate, traditional community ties, or in-group ties, […]

15 July, 2009

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by Dr. William Pierce. “Hello! I do appreciate the feedback I receive from listeners, who give me their responses to my broadcasts and who tell me about their own concerns and ideas and who sometimes give me useful tips on news stories that I might not have learned about otherwise. One thing I’m reminded of […]

14 July, 2009

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It seems that American troops will be in Iraq for a loooong time, for Israel’s benefit of course. After all, if a hardcore Muslim became the leader of Iraq, oy veh, that wouldn’t be good for the “only democrazy in the Middle East”: [Article].

6 June, 2009

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American war veteran: “You mean, we fought Nazism to make the West safe for communism?” Jew: “Exactly!” The TV news was full of D-Day recollections today. Just think: if Europe wasn’t “liberated” by the “allies,” the Pakistanis in Paris couldn’t vote today. And the communists couldn’t hold seats in the French parliament. Thank God for […]

11 January, 2009

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How is democracy similar to communism? Everyone is still “equal,” but you can shop at the mall and vote for negroes, too. It’s like “The Frankfurt School” meets “corporate fatcats” and “Third World immigration.” How cool is that? [Article].

4 November, 2008

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This is a very low point in Western history. The largest and most powerful White country (i.e., America) will soon be commanded by a mulatto. Are mulattoes Western? By the way, if you subtract the female vote and the mud vote, Obama wouldn’t have won the election – an interesting detail.

21 October, 2008

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Obama is ahead of McCain by 10 percentage points in some polls. But there may be a significant difference between what White voters tell pollsters over the telephone and what those voters do once they walk into the ballot booth. Some of them may “chicken out” due to the race factor and vote for McCain […]

9 September, 2008

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The word “democracy” is so popular that even communists use it. But, some bad news: Here’s what our constitution says about the type of government that we Americans were given: “The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government…” (Article 4, Section 4). Democracy = idiots can vote […]