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18 March, 2022

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I frequently focus on newbies, since oldbies already know. I learned that from Dr. William Pierce, who always posed things in a way in which the newbie could easily grasp them. (A great example of that is Pierce’s ADV broadcast/essay “How It Fits Together” which is a must-read). Recall about two weeks ago, when I […]

4 March, 2022

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I like Jordan Peterson despite his shortcomings. He said something very interesting. He said (paraphrasing): “The Democrats in America were very wrong to replace their political base of working class people with a new base of “identity politics people” (Blacks, Browns, queers, feminists) circa 1968.” Yes. A bad move. The working class at that time […]

29 July, 2021

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by Thomas DiLorenzo. “Tucker Carlson nailed it last night. The political strategy of the Demo-Bolsheviks who control the government, the media, and the academic world for the period up to the 2022 congressional elections will be as follows: Double down and triple down on the creation of phony “pandemic” statistics that will be endlessly broadcast […]

19 November, 2020

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If the vote fraud of 2020 happened and is as widespread and severe as the Trump legal team says, it spells the end of the Democratic Party. That type of fraud would be far, far, far beyond mere “bad behavior.” Widespread vote fraud is a national security threat, for starters. It’s also a major criminal […]

31 October, 2020

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The mainstream media began losing popularity in the 1990s as it boldly “ran interference” for the Clintons and later for Obama; it protected them at every turn. But Donald Trump has more-or-less killed the mainstream media. Either by design or by accident (maybe both), Trump forced the media from cover and exposed it for what […]

23 August, 2020

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Consider this: there has been violent rioting, by liberals, for 88 nights straight in Portland, Oregon. That violence has included numerous attempted murders — one of the rioters threw a 10-pound rock at a cop. Scores of police officers have been injured in that rioting. (The liberal media has been calling the Portland rioting “mostly […]

31 May, 2020

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Here’s the good: normal White people will say to themselves: “a White cop kneeling on a Black suspect’s neck is bad, but Blacks and antifa thugs burning and looting cities across America is much, much worse.” So the normal Whites will become more anti-Black and more anti-Left. Some Whites, who had their stores looted and […]

31 March, 2020

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Some legal trivia: sexually groping a woman is sexual battery/unlawful sexual contact and you can be jailed for it. Just thought I’d mention that. Granted, this article is from 2017, but still, it is important now since Biden is still in the presidential race…this will probably sink his political career, if it wasn’t already sunk […]

23 March, 2020

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Liberal #1: “The poor Brown immigrants! They need to come to America. Right now! But that orange-haired Nazi won’t let them!” (*sob*)(*sniff*) Liberal #2: “Those poor innocent Brown children! Trump is a Nazi!” (*sob*)(*sniff*) Liberal #3: “Children will suffer! Children will starve!” (*sob*)(*sniff*) Liberal #4: “The children! The children! Democracy! Human rights!” (*sob*)(*moan*) ((Liberals want […]

21 February, 2019

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The political Left already controls many of the “big-electoral-votes” states [1]; just a few more states and they’ll own American politics for the following 50 years. Beginning circa 2028, liberals will rule American politics via electoral votes in the national elections. Despite Donald Trump’s election victory, it will happen, barring some freak event. Here are […]