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25 October, 2019

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(Granted, talking about this subject is sort of like talking about the Titanic, but still…). This podcast raises good questions about demographics. California and other states changed due to leftists moving into those states (thereby destroying each state they entered). How do you keep the assholes out of a conservative state? How do you keep […]

21 February, 2019

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The political Left already controls many of the “big-electoral-votes” states [1]; just a few more states and they’ll own American politics for the following 50 years. Beginning circa 2028, liberals will rule American politics via electoral votes in the national elections. Despite Donald Trump’s election victory, it will happen, barring some freak event. Here are […]

3 November, 2016

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There’s a good book with that same title, by the way. Anyway, Western man is at a crossroads: will his lands (the USA, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark) remain Western (i.e., White), or will they become Brown, corrupt cesspools like Brazil, due to immigration? Western man may not be Western much longer. […]

13 July, 2007

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By Kurt Steiner The dominating theme of European history in the last quarter of the 20th Century has been the large scale immigration of non-White peoples and races into the modern era White heartlands of Europe, Australia/New Zealand and North America.   This process has taken place via two avenues: legal immigration and illegal immigration: […]

4 April, 2007

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Dengue is a viral disease spread by mosquitoes. Dengue fever cases are up 600% in Mexico since 2001. Spring break in Cancun, anybody? MEXICO CITY – The deadly hemorrhagic form of dengue fever is increasing dramatically in Mexico, and experts predict a surge throughout Latin America fueled by climate change, migration and faltering mosquito eradication […]

27 February, 2007

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This is a lengthy expose on what is gradually happening to So Cal and why so many Whites are leaving. When the beaners assume control things go to hell rather quickly. ARTICLE If you take the time to read it I hope you find it interesting.

21 March, 2006

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[Jew Steyn we particularly detest, but he’s got some good thumbnails of Europe today. The jews and muslims both hate Europeans, and the hatred is implacable, will not go away, must be stopped.] Getting There From Here We may have to change the name of this column to “Unhappy Warriorâ€?, or “Reluctant Conscriptâ€?, or “Impending […]