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31 March, 2022

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If all humans are equal (as the liberals say), then why do “at least half of the entertainment giant’s characters” have to be “LGBTQIA or racial minorities”?? See what I mean? If all humans are “equal” then it wouldn’t matter anyway: White, Black, queer, straight, Brown, half-wit, midget — it wouldn’t matter. Equal people don’t […]

15 March, 2022

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Here’s some interesting American history for the newbies. Somebody high in the pecking order advised Dr. Revilo Oliver back in 1960: “So why don’t you give up the speaking, the worrying about the Jews, and get back to your business, which is scholarship? …There are only ten years left at most before the occupation of […]

12 October, 2021

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Fantasia (animated, Disney, 1940). Negro centaurs (half-human/half-horse) in 1940?? Man, the race baloney started early! Negroes in Greek mythology!? [Video; 2 hours; just click “continue” if you’re 18 or older].