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31 March, 2007

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The United Auto Workers lost nearly 19,000 members in 2006, dropping the union’s ranks to a new post-World War II low. [Article] With contracts for Daimler Chrysler, Ford and General Motors expiring this September, delegates at a United Auto Workers special convention in Detroit this week are working to develop a unified approach. A big […]

26 December, 2006

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[Growing number of local blogs cover things from VNN’s WN perspective, but focus on the local story – where the rubber hits the road. Check out links The Hudson Valley Freeman (New York) Freeport Unmasked (Illinois) Kirksville Today (Missouri) CM Press (Costa Mesa, Calif.) Alaska Pride New Jersey Unfiltered Detroit Is Crap (All these local […]

24 September, 2006

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Not too long ago, there was a king who ruled a European country. The king’s daily life was pleasant enough, but he had a big problem: his only daughter, a teenager, was ugly. Really ugly. In fact, no man could look at her without wincing. How could she ever enjoy romance? Then, one day, as […]

20 September, 2006

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Karl Marx said the real god of the jews was money. A German later said that America was the distilled essence of Judaism. You fools who subscribe to cable can watch Chaim Witz (Gene Simmons) say directly that those who don’t make money their god are losers. Since jews have invalidated Aryan communal life as […]