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17 April, 2007

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Update to 2nd Amendment…

16 April, 2007

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Asian gooks out and kills at least 32 at Virginia Tech.

25 March, 2007

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It never ends. Niggers are nothing but land sharks. Governments that allows niggers among their populace are, by that very fact, illegitimate. [Video through: Detroit Is Crap]

27 February, 2007

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This is a lengthy expose on what is gradually happening to So Cal and why so many Whites are leaving. When the beaners assume control things go to hell rather quickly. ARTICLE If you take the time to read it I hope you find it interesting.

5 January, 2007

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2 January, 2007

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[Posted first as comment, but too good not to put front and center so no one misses it. This, friends and enemies alike, is what “diversity” really means.] I worked for the circus in the early nineties, a 22 year old ultra-liberal, knowing nothing about the horrors of the circus or the sex lives of […]

27 September, 2006

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By Robert Ericsson I. Introduction In 2005, a group called the “Beyond Diversity Resource Center” ( released a study which ranked all 50 states in terms of their “diversity”. Using data from the U.S. Census Bureau for the year 2000, the study assigned a numerical score to each state. This number was intended to quantify […]

1 August, 2006

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[From AmRent: Whites meekly give in to the future the haters say is inevitable, immersing themselves — worse, their children — in the destructive element. Mmm, ain’t nothin’ beat a good ol’ shit fondue…] This is a scene that will never happen anywhere else, because the federal gvernment has created a sizeable black middle-class in […]