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9 July, 2007

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The bad-guy hat always ends up on White people, doesn’t it? Why are non-Whites in France in the first place? Why punish Frenchmen when any racial or social burdens should be on the outsiders who aren’t French? This type of New World Order baloney wouldn’t have happened on Petain’s watch [1][2]: [Article] [1] the latest […]

17 April, 2007

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Update to 2nd Amendment…

16 April, 2007

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Asian gooks out and kills at least 32 at Virginia Tech.

21 February, 2007

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Mr Linder, here are some links which illustrate the differences between pre-lenten carnivals in Germany and places which aint Germany. I’ve been to that ‘college kids gone wild’ puke festival in New Orleans and wouldn’t let my own kids go there. But, at least it was “relatively crime free” this year. In San Jose […]

2 January, 2007

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[Posted first as comment, but too good not to put front and center so no one misses it. This, friends and enemies alike, is what “diversity” really means.] I worked for the circus in the early nineties, a 22 year old ultra-liberal, knowing nothing about the horrors of the circus or the sex lives of […]

28 September, 2006

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1. Chief Diversity Officers Remember the “bad old days” when students were admitted to American colleges solely due to their good grades? Well, it seems that those days are gone now. [A diversity-related question: do today’s colleges have quotas for near-sighted, hermaphrodite midgets? If not, why not? Aren’t near-sighted, hermaphrodite midgets just as important as […]

27 September, 2006

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By Robert Ericsson I. Introduction In 2005, a group called the “Beyond Diversity Resource Center” ( released a study which ranked all 50 states in terms of their “diversity”. Using data from the U.S. Census Bureau for the year 2000, the study assigned a numerical score to each state. This number was intended to quantify […]

15 May, 2006

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Multiculturalism And Alligators Better Than NASCAR By Fred Reed May 12, 2006 It is possible to derive an ashen satisfaction from watching really stupid people dancing on a tight rope over a den of alligators. At each resounding dental snap one yells “Yeeeeeeeee-ha! Told you so!â€? and reaches for another beer. It makes a better […]

16 April, 2006

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8 April, 2006

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[You can pluck the coon from Haiti, dip it in lice-killer, send it to a fine hyooman institution, elect it to the poobahcy first ballot, pay for its eatings and snoozings, its bookings and crewzings, but in the end the organ grinds for you white man, for you are the monkey who could be a […]