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20 September, 2006

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This from the Daily Reckoning: “If you want to see the advantage of gold in real-life action, then listen to this, from an essay written by Eric N. Young entitled “The Hyperinflation of Germany, July 1922-November 1923”. He writes that in 1923, at roughly the height of the Weimar inflation and the end of Reichmark, […]

20 September, 2006

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Karl Marx said the real god of the jews was money. A German later said that America was the distilled essence of Judaism. You fools who subscribe to cable can watch Chaim Witz (Gene Simmons) say directly that those who don’t make money their god are losers. Since jews have invalidated Aryan communal life as […]

14 September, 2006

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[From Daily Reckoning] Nothing fails like success. As recently as a half-century ago, the American stood like a colossus in a New World…young, free, healthy; and a creditor to the rest of the world, which owed him not only money…but liberty, for he had lent his muscle, his oil, his manufacturers – and even risked […]

29 August, 2006

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The NAFTA Superhighway: Coming Soon By Patrick J. Buchanan – August 29, 2006 This is a “mind-boggling concept,” exploded Lou Dobbs. It must cause Americans to think our political and academic elites have “gone utterly mad.” What had detonated the mild-mannered CNN anchor?

24 August, 2006

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[from Daily Reckoning]

2 August, 2006

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By George Lenz Today I am starting bi-weekly economic and financial commentary, presenting important current events, commentary and analysis from a White perspective, updated each Tuesday and Thursday. On Friday – weekly news, important for nationalists, patriots, republicans, conservatives, and fundamentalists. I am a 25-year-old professional with a degree, certification and experience in the field, […]

20 July, 2006

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17 July, 2006

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‘Radio Priest’ Father Charles E. Coughlin’s “Driving Out the Money Changers,” 1933 How and why is America burdened with debt-money, interest and usury?

11 July, 2006

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Good article, touching on some of the things I mention in WC post. A British inventor describes British attitudes today: We like fast bucks,” he says. “Our culture admires flashes of brilliance. We don’t admire dogged development. Our culture goes against the steady pace and hard work of industry. As I said, the average Briton […]

31 March, 2006

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The propagandists’ clarion call to war… From the Daily Reckoning: The Attack on the U.S. Dollar and Energy Needs “It’s bad enough that the Middle East has us over a barrel of oil thanks to our continued dependency on access to its huge reservoirs of crude, but largely unknown to most Americans, the Organization […]