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20 September, 2007

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“Eastern Promises” is a new film about Russian mobsters in London. Does this movie portray any of the characters in it as Jewish? [1][2]: [Review]. [1] the Russian mob mentioned as being mostly Jewish: [Here] [2] about the movie’s director, Cronenberg: [Here]

16 August, 2007

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Some American nationalists will claim that the English, being “historic race sell-outs,” sort of deserve their current circumstances. But do they really, since it wasn’t the “average Briton” who sold out England to the Jews and the egalitarians? Wasn’t it instead the greedy upper class who sold out Britain? Or are the English, as the […]

29 June, 2007

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Who last drove the explosives-packed Mercedes found in London? 1. Adolf Hitler 2. Amelia Earhart 3. Howdy Doody 4. Israeli agent and amateur proctologist Shlomo Goldsilverfeldwitz [Article] About Israeli false-flag operations: [Here]

3 June, 2007

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Boycotting Israel is “reminiscent of totalitarianism”? That’s an interesting comment, since Jews invented and spread the world’s first totalitarian ideology, i.e., communism. In fact, Israel is a police state built on stolen land. It has 20 different laws which favor Jews over non-Jews, yet it calls itself a “democracy” [1]. By the way, it’s illegal […]

4 April, 2007

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What concerns the jews called neocons is not that men are in jail across Europe for telling the truth about “the Holocaust” but that a new generation of Muslims might escape brainwashing in the doggiest Dogma of the New World Order’s state religion. by Alex Linder The latest story making the neocon rounds concerns the […]

25 March, 2007

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Goys in the Attic Save Abe from the Gentile Clutch! By Luke O’Farrell Under Scottish law there are three possible verdicts at the end of a trial: “Guilty”; “Not guilty”; and “Not proven”. You go to prison only if you’re found guilty. Some people want to introduce a similar system into English law. The three […]

25 March, 2007

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New Labour’s Busted flush If anyone’s in any doubt about the craven capitulation and betrayal by the multicultural elite… “Since coming to office nearly seven years ago, Mr. Livingstone has become a symbol of the marriage of the European left and the Islamist right. It’s a marriage of mutual convenience and, at least on one […]