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5 March, 2012

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What makes them think that democrazy works? In fact, it was tried in ancient Greece and then abandoned for centuries after it became apparent that people are not one-size-fits-all. Indeed, allowing any idiot (in America’s case, any idiot with money) to become mayor or governor is a stupid idea, and allowing negroes to vote is […]

28 February, 2012

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Here’s some proof that the global “anti-racism” movement is bogus. It’s not about ending racism. It’s about ending White culture. By the way, newbies, White South Africa was destroyed not by Blacks but by Jews. [Article].

16 February, 2012

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Homosexuals just gained legal rights in Washington state, Hawaii and Delaware, and now maybe in Colorado as well. Soon, all humans will be equal, except for White males, who will be less-than-equal (they’re already less-than-equal in big cities, where non-Whites, fags and women run things. Contrast that to the 1950s, when White men ran almost […]

6 February, 2012

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This guy managed to blunt his point by adding “anti-hate” and egalitarianism to his speech. One step forward, one step backward. No progress here. [Article].

31 December, 2011

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Democracy: making people equal since 500 B.C. [VNN Forum].

22 December, 2011

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Here in the West, there’s an entire industry (which is led by Jews such as Stephen J. Gould) that pushes the idea that “race is meaningless.” For something so meaningless, it sure spends lots of time on it! [Article].

18 December, 2011

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“Our leveling instincts are so developed that men and women are allowed celebrity, but, outside the realms of entertainment and sports, rarely are they permitted superiority. Great men are no longer admired, unless they learn how to disguise their greatness.” — from the book “Slouching Towards Gomorrah” (New York; ReganBooks, 1996/1997) by Robert H. Bork, […]

14 December, 2011

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“Although the conference made progress on the design of Green Climate Fund, which is set to channel up to US$100 billion a year to poor countries by 2020…” One of the features of internationalism is the transfer of money and technology from Whites to non-Whites. It’s a one-way street. Sure, the official excuses for the […]

29 November, 2011

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International Jew #1: “Breivik must be declared insane. If not, his response to the wrecking of Norway via multiculturalism could appear to be sort of normal.” International Jew #2: “Yes, let’s give Breivik the Ezra Pound treatment! After all, nobody pays attention to the beliefs of crack-pots.” [Article].

24 November, 2011

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(By the way, the phrase “There’s only one race and that’s the human race” was coined by a Jew). [Article].