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9 October, 2014

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Queer marriage cheapens real marriage by default, and it legitimizes the counterculture. Newbies, the 14th Amendment wasn’t properly ratified in Congress, meaning that it doesn’t really exist. (All civil-rights laws are based on that bogus amendment). [Article] and [Article].

3 October, 2014

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Race doesn’t matter, we are told every day by the media, by Hollywood and by the public schools. So what’s the problem with having a mixed-race baby? Isn’t diversity wonderful and beautiful? Of course it is. So there’s no problem here. Enjoy your mixed-race baby. In fact, add a few more to your household! [Article].

22 September, 2014

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“Feminism has become an unpopular word”? No matter. It’s a word that’s no longer needed since its goals (nation-wrecking, via family-wrecking and relationship-wrecking) have already been accomplished. Whether a woman calls herself a feminist or not, she probably is one. Does she work all day outside the home, while virtually ignoring her husband and family? […]

14 August, 2014

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Yeah, sure, that’s just what Whites should do: we should help all the non-White countries compete with, and eventually overtake, the West. Yes, let’s make it easier for them to do that! Help the Turd World now! […] “Through creating jobs in other countries, we are helping to close the gap between the poorest and […]

31 July, 2014

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Another White country is committing cultural suicide. Trivia: I asked an anthropologist this question: “If race doesn’t exist, or doesn’t matter, how do you explain Africa, an entire continent that is regressing? Since White colonialism ended circa 1980, Africa has nearly collapsed. Why is that?”[1]. He couldn’t, or wouldn’t, answer my question. Of course, the […]

29 July, 2014

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(Above: Karl Marx) Karl Marx: “All humans will be equal!” Vladimir Lenin: “All humans will be equal!” Chairman Mao: “All humans will be equal!” U.S. Justice Department: “All humans will be equal!” [Article].

21 July, 2014

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The Jews failed to impose economic Marxism on the world. The Soviet Union, the mother ship of communism which was built by Jews, collapsed in 1991. (Sure, China is also a communist country, but its communism is different today). However, another type of Marxism is thriving all around the world: cultural Marxism, under which all […]

18 July, 2014

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Diversity comes first, experience comes second in the new Air Force. [Article].

18 July, 2014

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I hear what this fellow is saying. Really I do. The neocon baloney, America as being not-really-a-nation, consumerism, etc. But, I think there are a couple of different ways to look at America. On the one hand, when the founders wrote “all men are created equal,” they obviously used that (in the Declaration of Independence) […]

6 July, 2014

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Now, fast-food hamburgers have gone queer. What’s next? Queer pizza? How about a whole chain of queer-themed restaurants? Don’t laugh, it could happen. [Article].