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10 July, 2011

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Jews love capitalism. Not only is it a money-maker, but, like communism, it’s also an “equalizer.” For example, a Mexican woman in Florida can start a business and, with some luck and some hard work, earn more money than a White man. [Review].

6 July, 2011

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The soccermoms should be happy. They wanted America to be an equalocracy, where any human – regardless of race, IQ or lifestyle – can vote, be a citizen, or serve on a jury. America is working just as they wanted it to. [Article].

30 June, 2011

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In the late 1960s/early 1970s, Greece was basically fascist. It was run by anti-communist military men. Then, unfortunately, in 1974 Greece embraced democrazy (i.e., “idiots can vote”). Strangely, despite embracing democracy, Greece has a communist party which now holds 21 seats in the Greek parliament. Is that funny, or what? (Maybe they drink too much […]

27 June, 2011

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Socialist: “I believe that all humans are equal.” Marxist: “So do I.” Christian: “Me, too!” Israeli: “I don’t.” [Article].

25 April, 2011

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But don’t worry. It’s all part of the NWO plan: transfer wealth, power and technology from Whites to non-Whites. No big deal. Just think: you’ll be taking orders from Brown Man in no time. Neat-o! [Article].

17 April, 2011

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The ghost of Max Horkheimer (above) says: “All humans are equal. But if, for some reason, they aren’t equal, the solution is simple: just file lawsuits until they are equal.” [Article].

1 April, 2011

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…Whites can’t sell/rent a house to the person of their choice. The 1968 “fair housing” law came from the Jewish congressman Emanuel Celler (shown above). [VNN Forum].

28 March, 2011

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What you’re supposed to believe: despite being equal to men, women still can’t get fair treatment in the good-ol’-boy workforce. The way it really is: if anything, the workforce is too female-friendly already. Women should stop complaining and thank their lucky stars that 1) they live in a country where most men don’t object to […]

27 March, 2011

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Why celebrate these people? They’re the most unsuccessful humans on earth; many of them are only semi-human. Indeed, Blacks have been a burden to mankind. On the other hand, Whites invented the world. [Webpage].

14 March, 2011

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Little Jimmy: “Mr. Goldberg, I’m confused.” Teacher: “Why?” Little Jimmy: “Well, you said that all humans are equal, regardless of their race.” Teacher: “They are equal, Jimmy. Only a Nazi would think otherwise.” Little Jimmy: “Well, if that’s true, then why do the Dayton police have to change their entrance test? It doesn’t make sense […]