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1 October, 2009

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Mark your calendars: tomorrow will tell us if Ireland will be put on a leash by the Jews/internationalists via the Lisbon Treaty. Trivia: a Jew – U.S. government official Franz Neumann – played a key role in the creation of the EU, just like another Jew played a key role in the creation of the […]

21 June, 2009

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by Tom Sunic. “The June 2009 elections for the European Parliament were held against the backdrop of global recession and a serious economic crisis. The behavior of voters in Western Europe was also influenced by a large number of non-European residents whose number now exceeds 20 million people. Given these circumstances, it was expected that […]

7 June, 2009

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That’s not local. Nope. That’s EU-wide. International. Now White nationalism “looks legitimate.” Oy veh! – it’s a yid’s worst nightmare. The fortunes of the British National Party are really improving. Now, if they could just expel the Jews from the party… [Article].

27 January, 2009

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Besides free trade, multiculturalism, inflationary money/banking policies, non-White immigration, feminism, anti-family policies and cheap pop culture, what went wrong? [Article].

6 December, 2008

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This is a serious blow to free speech in Europe. A mandate that bans “racism” and “xenophobia” could soon be law in all European Union countries, if the countries adopt the mandate (and it seems that they must adopt it, being EU members): [Article].

14 November, 2008

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Turkey isn’t a European country, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that the Jews want allies in the EU network. Turkey and Israel are good friends. Note the mention of Jewish official Lellouche: [Article].

29 October, 2008

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Some good news from Britain for a change. However, Toben is out of jail on bail and Germany will appeal the judge’s ruling: [Article].

20 October, 2008

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Global government – which is largely a Jewish construct – should be illegal in the West since it interferes with the sovereignty of the White countries [1]: [Article]. [1] the idea of sovereignty dates back to the 16th century. It’s “the key element in the legal concept of the state” (from the book “Understanding the […]

11 September, 2008

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The ghost of Max Horkheimer says: “No. The EU and the Soviet Comintern are not similar. One existed to advance internationalism and the other exists to advance internationalism. See? Not the same thing!”: [Article].

15 July, 2008

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Sarkozy’s Mediterranean Union has arrived. It won’t be long before every nation on earth belongs to a “union.” No sovereignty will exist after that. A handful of globalists (read: Jews and their puppets) will then decide the agenda(s) of the world: [Article].