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13 January, 2022

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Parents, allowing your kids to attend a public school is child abuse. You know your kids are going to be indoctrinated with Marxist crap (i.e., Cultural Marxism), so why send them to a public school? “Deconstruct whiteness”?? That’s postmodernist/postMarxist bullshit [1]. And CRT is Cultural Marxism. CRT says “there’s no such thing as race, but […]

23 December, 2021

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It’s a known fact that men, as a group, have more geniuses but also more retards, compared to women, who are, collectively, more in the “middle of the road” (i.e., they have more average IQs). A new old saying: “if it comes from a university, it’s Marxist by default” [1]. Re: sex differences: see the […]

15 December, 2021

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Allowing your child to attend any public school in 2021 is child abuse [1]. Marxism/communism is the denial of race, creed, sex or other differences [2]. In other words, all humans are the same and interchangeable (“one size fits all”). In other words, a devil-worshipping, transsexual, heroin-addicted, illegal-alien midget is “equal to” a normal White […]

11 October, 2021

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What is government-mandated, gender-related social engineering? It’s communism (i.e., Cultural Marxism)[1]. The Bolsheviks engaged in gender-related social engineering in the Soviet Union decades ago. News quote: “California became the first state in the nation Saturday to adopt a law requiring large retail stores to provide gender neutral toy sections under a bill signed by Gov. […]

7 July, 2021

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(Above: the Jewish Marxist Eugene Kamenka). by Elizabeth McCaw. (The pro-homosexual movement is Cultural Marxism, i.e., “leveling” or “equalizing” society, making every human equal to the next one. This wipes out “White male hegemony” which is the end goal of all forms of Marxism/socialism. Eugene Kamenka said it himself: that Marxism seeks to create a […]

4 June, 2021

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Seen on the web: “All men are equal in the humanitarian ideal of Freemasonry. The old edition of the “Universal Handbook of Freemasonry” says of this Masonic ideal: “Humanity refers to all men. It means universal love, which rises above all differences and divisions of humanity: it doesn’t inquire about racial or religious community. It […]