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11 August, 2006

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Many Whites may not realize it, but destroying their own Nordic countries isn’t enough for the Scandinavian sector of our race. The naves were some of the biggest apologists and funders of the Marxist, jew-led ANC – the nigger terrorist group headed by Nelson Mandela, the one recently seen on youtube dancing and singing about […]

3 August, 2006

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by Michael O’Meara On July 30, I wrote “Guillaume Faye and the Jews,” which was posted at VNN on July 31. This short article was based on an interview that Faye allegedly gave to the Zionist site “France-Echos” and which appeared on the web in the forum of The latter is an unreadable site […]

1 August, 2006

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Two responses to O’Meara’s article (posted below on this page) on Guillaume Faye and his evolving position jews. Does my nose detect the whiff of kikes getting nervous about Israel, and if not precisely selling short, preparing through tractable intermediaries such as Jew-Luvin’ Jared and the BNP’s Screwy Lewy Barnes a carveout/hideout within the only […]

1 August, 2006

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Subject: Professor Faurisson’s recent trial in Paris ============= Tuesday 11th July 2006. In the XVIIth Chamber of the Paris Correctional Court: CRIF [and Yahweh] -v- Professor Robert Faurisson

31 July, 2006

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By Michael O’Meara Few postwar thinkers in my view have played a greater role in ideologically resisting the forces assaulting Europe’s incomparable bioculture than Guillaume Faye. This was publicly evident at the international conference on “The White World’s Future” held in Moscow in June of this year, which he helped organize. It’s even more evident […]

31 July, 2006

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TRANSLATOR’S NOTE: It’s testament to the abysmal state of our culture that hardly one of Dominique Venner’s more than forty books have been translated into English. But everything he writes bears directly on us — “us” here referring not specifically to the anglophone world, but to the European world that exists wherever white men still […]

15 May, 2006

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By Michael O’Meara A year from now, the French will go to the polls to elect their next president. This will not be a normal election: Not just because all the totalitarian forces of the Judeo-liberal system will be mobilized against the one man who embodies the hopes of the French nation; but also because […]

3 May, 2006

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[Britain’s fear and jealousy of Germany led it to work with the Judeobolsheviks to destroy it, which in turn destroyed the British Empire, and finally Britain herself. Conservatives acclaim Winnie the man of the milennium, too stupid to see him and his produce for what they are. The same people preaching prudence and moderation celebrate […]

24 April, 2006

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Foreigners Out Resistance Imagined and Perceived By Michael O’Meara I wrote the following proclamation on the afternoon of April 22. That evening I happened upon the video entitled “La révolte des petits blancs,” which had been posted at on April 21. Every white nationalist ought to take heart from this video. I was especially […]

14 April, 2006

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[A couple days ago it was Sheppard and O’Farrell in England; now this…] The owner of a bookshop in Barcelona, the Librería Europa, Pedro Varela, has been arrested this week by the regional police, Los Mossos d’Esquadra for distributing books with a racialist, and neonazi content. The books are said to be in several different […]