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10 February, 2017

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“Constitutional law? Duhh, what’s that?” But what did you expect from a left-wing federal court based in San Franqueersco? [Article].

11 November, 2016

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1. The Making of the U.S./Mexico Border Wall: the wall should be extra-high and extra-strong and policed with plenty of Border Patrol officers. 2. The Federal Reserve System: it’s an inflationary and unnecessary system and it should be closed. The U.S. Treasury should control all facets of America’s money, including the setting of monetary policies. […]

5 September, 2016

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When Barack Obama won the presidency in 2008, the mainstream media said that a new, “post-racial” era had begun, an era in which race doesn’t matter at all. That’s a laugh, because nearly everything Obama does is about race: Obamacare (i.e., Whitey paying for Blackie’s health care), immigration (i.e., letting more illegal Brownskins stay in […]

30 July, 2016

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Each time a state passes a good law, a federal court voids it. So why bother having state legislatures? In fact, you could say that state and local governments no longer have any real power, it’s all federal power today. [Article] and [Article].

18 January, 2016

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It’s easy to get arrested for domestic violence these days: depending on which state you live in, simply shouting at your wife can get you arrested. But here’s the special part: even if the domestic violence charge against you is a misdemeanor, you can never own a gun again. That’s right. Thanks to a Jewish […]

13 October, 2015

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Here’s a question to ponder: why do people still vote for liberals? The liberal answer to any problem is “get the federal government involved” (e.g., Obamacare, gun control, Affirmative Action). Fifty years of “Big Federal Government/Heavy Taxation To Pay For It” aren’t enough? The liberal voters need more federal intervention and more taxation? Are they […]

24 December, 2014

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The states used to decide who gets driver’s licenses. But now, the federal government does. A federal court has ruled that Arizona must give driver’s licenses to young illegal aliens, who are also known as “Dreamers.” [Article].

4 December, 2014

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Attorney General Eric Holder wants to create an “institute of justice” to address racial concerns? Here’s a better idea: how about creating an “institute to study why Blacks can’t obey the simple commands of police officers”? (By the way, the Black choke-hold victim, Garner, had previously been arrested at least 30 times). [Article].

5 July, 2014

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According to federal law, it’s illegal to aid and abet illegal aliens. But apparently, the federal government is doing just that: “You can see the two ladies are carrying something in their hands. It’s a welcome pack from The Department of Homeland Security. In short, the U.S. Government is breaking the law by aiding and […]

12 April, 2014

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One thing is certain: the New World Order cannot tolerate “local” anything. In order for the NWO to work, everything must be “federal” in scope [1]. Federal becomes part of a larger, international framework. [Article]. [1] you see this federalization all the time regarding law enforcement: federal police agencies, e.g., the BATF, taking control of […]