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26 February, 2020

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I’ve read many accounts of “date rape” over the years. Most are surprisingly similar, and they usually involve alcohol. Most also involve college girls. Here is nearly every account of date rape in the past 40 years, condensed into one sad account: Cathy College Chick, 19 years old and White, goes into the local college […]

22 February, 2020

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It has come to my attention that you are “allowed” to make jokes about murder, and to make jokes about males/prison rape, but you are not-not-not “allowed” to make any jokes about women/rape. That last subject has been forbidden since, it seems, about 2003 or so. Various web searches for “rape jokes” reveal no such […]

16 February, 2020

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Seen: female college gymnasts on TV, competing at a tournament. It seems that today, the main diet for 19-year-old gymnasts is donuts, nachos and pizza. Half of the gymnasts I saw were overweight by 15 pounds and some by 20 pounds; a couple of them were real mat whales. Half of them had a pudgy, […]

11 February, 2020

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Wife: “My husband called me a fatty and a carpet whale! Three times! (*sniff*) (*sob*).” Female cop: “You’re under arrest for domestic violence!” Husband: “What violence? I didn’t even touch her!” Male cop: “Ohh, getting smart with us, eh? Now you’ve got more charges: obstruction and resisting arrest!” “Information on Domestic Violence”: “It can involve […]

7 February, 2020

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That’s typical feminist propaganda. Men have faster reaction times to both visual and audio stimuli, due to centuries of hunting animals [1]. There are also sex differences in spatial abilities (e.g., estimating distances). See also the book “Brain Sex” by Moir and Jessel, 1989/1992 (read it online here). [Article]. . [1] “Furthermore, male medical students […]

5 February, 2020

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(Above: the Marxist, Jewish philosopher Max Horkheimer (1895-1973). He and his Jewish, Frankfurt School buddies are ultimately responsible for the new social attitudes at West Point and elsewhere). Officer #1: “Here at West Point military academy, in order to prepare for lives of combat and manly aggression, we watch insightful social commentary by Gloria Steinem […]

2 February, 2020

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I’ve said it before: women arrived at their current station in life only via special laws and court mandates, not via merit. Here’s one example: [Here]. (Note: all civil-rights laws are based on the 14th Amendment of 1868, a Reconstruction amendment which was not ratified properly. This means that all civil-rights laws in America are […]

16 January, 2020

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News quote: “Virginia passes Equal Rights Amendment, becoming 38th state to approve landmark resolution”. The Virginia state government is now 100% leftist top-to-bottom. That means anything can happen in Virginia now, no matter how crazy it might be! The Speaker of the Virginia House is a Jewish woman, Eileen Filler-Corn. And to think, Virginia was […]

14 January, 2020

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“Did you leave the toilet seat up again?? I told you not to do that, little boy!!” Get on your knees, White man! Women are in charge now. Today’s women = spoiled, feminist brats who divorce-rape you when they don’t get their way. Why bother with them? Go MGTOW.

12 January, 2020

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All the women in the dozens of TV fitness commercials have rock-hard, 6-pack abs, big biceps, square jaws and they can out-run you and even kick your ass, dude! Ohhh, yeahhhh! These ninja gals are more “man” than you are! Yep, it’s a new America and you’re riding in the back seat, Jasper. Don’t like […]