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24 February, 2020

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(Above: a “Flying Tiger” [Curtiss P-40 Warhawk] attack plane. A nice-looking machine. It’s too bad America had to “fight fascism” with it). “It was the greatest generation! The men of the WWII era could walk on water! They were gods in human form! They saved America — no, wait, the whole world — from evil […]

6 January, 2015

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(Above: the famous Flying Tigers airplanes, painted with “shark teeth”) This article provides a good excuse to talk about Japan’s role in WWII vis-a-vis America. Of course Japan attacked America in late 1941: it had little choice at that point. America was waging economic war on Japan, e.g., it was strangling Japan with an oil […]

9 November, 2014

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A few days ago, while watching TV, I saw a conservative activist tear a liberal to shreds (verbally speaking) in about 30 seconds. It was very funny. He tossed out names, dates, and facts which he had obviously memorized in great detail. Let us learn from that. Many WNs cannot effectively defend themselves in arguments […]

14 December, 2013

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Not surprising. Despite what the court historians say, the “allies” were actually warmongers. For example, America planned to attack Japan months before Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, but the Japs beat America to the punch with the Pearl Harbor bombing [1]. [Article]. [1] America’s Flying Tigers air squadron began training in Spring 1941 to attack Japanese […]

1 July, 2007

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The truth of the matter is that America should never have picked a fight with Japan in the first place. F.D. Roosevelt’s Jewish cabal began a cold war with Japan long before Pearl Harbor was attacked – in fact, America planned to attack Japanese troops many months before Pearl. FDR and Company knew that going […]