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14 February, 2022

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Go to a mirror. Open your mouth. See those front teeth? Those are incisors. Cutting teeth. There are 8 of them, 4 on top and 4 on bottom; their name originates from the Latin word “incidere” which means “to cut.” Why do you have cutting teeth? To cut meat! Mankind was meant to eat beef, […]

27 March, 2020

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Soon, America will be back to normal, and that means…nachos! Yeah, baby! Here’s how to make some really good nachos: 1. Get some good-quality corn tortilla chips. Not the cheap-ass ones made in New Jersey with powdered corn meal, but like these. Made in the southwest. 2. Next, put about 20 chips on a big […]

15 February, 2020

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Eating rabbit food doesn’t provide all the trace elements, amino acids and protein that humans need in their diets. Furthermore, humans have incisor front teeth (i.e., 8 “meat-cutter” teeth) for a reason: yes, to cut meat. Duh. The veggie-retards are fools, just like all the leftists. [Article].

10 February, 2020

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Chinese man #1: “Bing boing wang dang bam!” (translation: “gimme some more of those bat nuggets!”) Chinese man #2: “Fong wong ping pong boing!” (translation: “you’ve had 6 of them already; try the python casserole instead.”) Chinese woman #1: “Wham bam boing ting tong bong!” (translation: “That rat pudding tastes funny.”) Chinese woman #2: “Ding […]

4 June, 2016

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As I was eating out of a can of some American cashews, I happened to look at the back of the can. It said that the cashews may come from India, Africa or Vietnam. Why don’t I just go lick a toilet bowl at a fast-food restaurant instead? The result would be almost the same. […]

17 January, 2007

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It’s very hard to know the truth when it comes to food, because so many people have so many different incentives to lie. Parents must read and think…