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1 April, 2008

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WHY AMERICANS WILL BELIEVE ALMOST ANYTHING – by Tim O’Shea It is an exhausting and endless task to keep explaining to people how most issues of conventional wisdom are scientifically implanted in the public consciousness by a thousand media clips per day. In an effort to save time, I would like to provide just a […]

3 April, 2007

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Extraordinarily harsh, personal attacks on Rosie O’Donnell for some straight talk about the curious inconsistencies of the 9/11 Official Conspiracy Theory. If what O’Donnell said were as ridiculous as the O’Reillys claim, they’d laugh at her or ignore her. Instead they shriek brittlely, call for her to be fired, and funnel their dolts to the […]

20 January, 2007

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Christ, that rancid blob of corned beef ‘n’ cabbage Hannity spread its gelatinous buttocks Liffey-wide for Lord Hyman tonight: Comfortably ensconced was one Neal Sher, former head of both AIPAC and the OSI mob of kike shyster/thugs who hound old German gentlemen whose asses they are not worth to lick. Clearly Jimmuh Cahtuh’s recent testicular […]

4 October, 2006

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Fags are born not made, lie Big Queer & Big Jew. Was Foley a homo before he was molested? Fact is, people are adaptable. They learn behaviors, even bizarre and destructive ones. Fags seek to turn marginal individuals into brothers of the rectal sleeve. The judeofagists create an environment through “gay-straight alliances,” “gay safe zones” […]

15 September, 2006

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[Well done, and quite funny and true – like all cowards, Fox implies what it hasn’t the guts to say. All the reward, without all that nasty risk.] Jon Stewart’s Hilarious Look at the Use of the Question Mark

1 September, 2006

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Saw this on Fox News for Children and Jackalopes a couple days ago – Bill O’reilly interviewing Kirk Cameron. Cameron, as you may or may not know, was in a popular sitcom in the eighties. Shortly thereafter, he came down with the Jeboo, a big, bad case. He promptly peckered into parasimilitudinous existence six (6) […]

24 August, 2006

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Bill O’Reilly is a Lying Son of a Whore By Curt Maynard

31 July, 2006

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If I was Greta Van Susteren, I wouldn’t let the camera shoot me from the side. Which side? The outside. Seriously, that woman is scary-ugly. Her chin always looks like it’s clenching to deliver a punch. The weird and frightening thing is that at least two other potentially normal to cute Foxies are screwing up […]

31 July, 2006

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If you live anywhere near the shadow of a building worked on by this hysterical bobby-soxer, RUN, RUN, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! Lord, I hope they didn’t let Sean-John mix the cement.

31 July, 2006

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Guy makes a movie against every form of fast-mutating kike pressure, that movie grosses roughly ONE BILLION DOLLARS, he gets drunk, speaks a few common truths about jews, and now HIS CAREER IS IN DANGER! Maybe Bill O’Reilly’s trying to speak to his middle-class morons in a language they understand: fear of losing one’s All-Holy […]