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29 November, 2006

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Gingrich and the Clinton bitch want to do away with free speech as a way to combat terrorism — or give in to the jew lobby they and both aisles of Congress do nothing but appease and shill for. Meanwhile, up in Canada, Warman and the kikes are suing another brave Canadian, Melissa Guille of […]

15 November, 2006

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[Some media. No mention that Rudolf was denied his Ph.D. for proving that gassings were a Big Lie. See lower on the page that the ADL, with the new Dem-controlled Congress, will be trying in the new year to put in place in America the same laws that Rudolf is being persecuted under in Germany.]  […]

15 November, 2006

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Alex — Dr. Kevin MacDonald, the professor who wrote the trilogy of books on Judaism from an evolutionary psychology perspective, is under attack by the SPLC. I think many, if not most VNN readers are aware of Dr. MacDonald and his huge contribution to our understanding of the subversion of western european societies by Chosen […]

15 November, 2006

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Rev. Ted Pike discusses ADL’s attempt to complete its takeover of U.S. airwaves by shutting down all criticism of jews and anybody jews don’t want criticized.

22 September, 2006

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None of them allows a single syllable of political dissent it has the power to quash.

20 September, 2006

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Teach your own child at home? ILLEGAL in “liberated Germany.” Did the nazis outlaw homeschooling? I don’t know, but I doubt it. In New Jew Germany, after ’45, teaching your kids the truth about jews, or correcting the lies jews spread about history – these are ILLEGAL. You get thrown in PRISON for holding the […]

18 September, 2006

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By Curt Maynard I’ll be darned if Sean Penn didn’t say something the other night on CNN’s Larry King Live that made a great deal of sense. As a rule Mr. Penn and I don’t see eye to eye on many things, but I couldn’t help but be pleasantly surprised to see Penn, the son […]

13 September, 2006

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The Tomes Reply to the Times report — By John Bayldon

6 September, 2006

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A number of interesting clips, compiled by Max Hadden… 1) Defense lawyer Doug Christie cross examines Holocaust expert Raul Hilberg. Note: These are from Canadian public television broadcasts of the 1985 Zundel trial. 2) Defense witnesses Prof. Robert Faurisson, Dr. Russell Barton, Dr. William Lindsey and SS guard Thies Christophersen on the stand. […]

26 August, 2006

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In Germany, under Jewish Tyranny, to tell the truth is a crime.