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15 July, 2006

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Jews in Canada, as in the U.S., import colored animals that rape and murder Whites. When Whites fight back, even if merely by speaking out, their resistance is treated as “hate crime,” a construct that is alien to the White mentality, and which never existed before jews took over the media and courts. Comes it […]

15 May, 2006

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Discussed on Goyfire #32, taped yesterday (5/14/06)… That truth, at least according to McCuen, is that black people are inferior to whites. “Intellectually, yes they are,” said McCuen. “This has been confirmed over and over, and this is a generalization. Again, there are some blacks who are more intelligent than individual whites. But as a […]

24 April, 2006

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[Fags with the upper hand are totalitarian. They will hear no criticism of their deviancy. There is no way 1% of the population could control the academy except for the help of the jews, who know that homos are invaluable in breaking down Normal White America.] Freshmen required to undergo homosexual indoctrination Mandatory ‘diversity seminar’ […]

18 April, 2006

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2 charged for Holocaust denial News24, Johannesburg  Tuesday, 18 April 2006 / 22:26 BERLIN — German prosecutors say they have charged a German far-right activist, extradited from the United States, and a Belgian man, handed over by the Netherlands, with incitement for allegedly denying the Holocaust. On Tuesday, prosecutors in the western city of Mannheim […]

17 April, 2006

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Luke Before You Leap True Confessions of a Thought-Criminal Nigger, kike, paki. I have just committed a “major incidentâ€?. For my previous transgressions – articles like “Make Niggers Historyâ€?, “Whodunnit? Jewdunnit!â€? and “Diversity = Deathâ€? – my home was invaded by a squad of police in body armor, I was arrested for “Incitement to Racial […]

17 April, 2006

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Dominated by jews backed up by feminists and fruits, today’s academy ensures that no book worth reading is available, let alone the white male who wrote it. The power of the left appears to have expanded to the point at which there is no way to disentrench it save violent uprooting. The jew never backs […]

15 April, 2006

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[The last column by Luke O’Farrell before his arrest for badthink…] The Joy of Genocide Let’s Welcome a World-Wide White-Out! In Douglas Adams’ five-part Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy trilogy, the ethical dilemmas of meat-eating are solved by breeding an animal that actually wants to be killed and eaten. Not only that, it will happily […]

14 April, 2006

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[A couple days ago it was Sheppard and O’Farrell in England; now this…] The owner of a bookshop in Barcelona, the Librería Europa, Pedro Varela, has been arrested this week by the regional police, Los Mossos d’Esquadra for distributing books with a racialist, and neonazi content. The books are said to be in several different […]

12 April, 2006

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12 April 2006: Simon Sheppard and Luke O’Farrell were both arrested in early morning raids by British police. Sheppard was released at around 4pm, at which time O’Farrell was still in custody, and has again had computers, hard drives and floppies impounded – the police have still not returned the large amount of equipment and […]

7 April, 2006

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KARLSRUHE — Germany’s highest court yesterday outlawed a planned demonstration in support of former Toronto resident Ernst Zundel and other far-right activists accused of denying the Holocaust.