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10 January, 2015

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[…] “Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons would be illegal in Britain under thought-crime laws that are fully supported by the Guardian and that ban free speech on race, religion and sexual orientation [1]. The Guardian website routinely deletes comments that violate liberal pieties on race and sexual politics.” [Article]. [1] Britain’s hate-crime/thought-crime laws came from Jews

20 December, 2014

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Private property or not, it’s a safe bet that the owner of the pool will be punished, after the usual Jewish organizations raise the usual hell about it. [Article].

8 August, 2014

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…that there was a White politician who would stand up to the Jews and their unconstitutional “hate speech” laws, guess what? There isn’t one. No White politician will oppose the Jews. [Article].

16 May, 2014

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It’s a word that’s so terrible, so evil, that no one can say it. They can only abbreviate it: the “N-word.” How third-grade is that? Who gives a damn if Blacks don’t like it? [Article].

11 May, 2014

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In fact, America is the last remaining White country where you can freely criticize Jews and other non-Whites without legal penalty. As Tom Metzger said (paraphrasing), “the West will stand or fall on the fate of America.” The USA really is the last outpost for freedom. This includes speech rights, gun rights, property rights, civic […]

10 May, 2014

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Actually, that’s not quite right. Jewspeak has arrived. Any speech which is not approved by the Jewish media or by the Jewish homosexual lobby is forbidden and is therefore “thoughtcrime.” [Article].

29 April, 2014

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I think someone needs to point out a couple of things, re: the Donald Sterling racism controversy and the media coverage surrounding it, so I’ll do it; even though Sterling’s a Jew, there are bigger issues here: 1. In America, we have free speech, or at least, we’re supposed to have it. 2. Sterling’s comments […]

20 March, 2014

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There are some things that you’re not “allowed” to question: the “Holocaust,” multiculturalism/diversity, and global warming/climate change, a.k.a. green Marxism. (A few weeks ago, I heard a scientist say something interesting re: green Marxism: he said that millions of dollars worth of grants are given out each year to fund global-warming research – a powerful […]

31 January, 2014

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Oh, what chutzpah. If neo-Nazis can’t have free speech, then neither can anyone on the other end of the political spectrum, i.e., the Left (and that includes most Jews, who built the Left). Left-wing ideas are more dangerous than other political ideas, e.g., communism, which murdered 90 million people during the 20th century and oppressed […]

16 November, 2013

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White people can have free speech, or they can have Jews. They can’t have both. [Article].