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18 July, 2014

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I hear what this fellow is saying. Really I do. The neocon baloney, America as being not-really-a-nation, consumerism, etc. But, I think there are a couple of different ways to look at America. On the one hand, when the founders wrote “all men are created equal,” they obviously used that (in the Declaration of Independence) […]

28 August, 2010

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This is a topic that is somewhat important historically, but, good information about it is rather scarce. Names and bios of high-ranking Jews in Freemasonry are not widely available. Further, this topic is too “shadowy” and “tinfoil-hat” for many people to tolerate. It is known that Jews were disproportionately involved in Freemasonry [1], and, that […]

21 January, 2009

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From the Catholic magazine “The Point,” 1953. Yes, it’s true that when you mention Freemasons, people look at you funny. But nonetheless, this is posted as more-or-less a continuation of the discussion of Freemasonry found in the “Comments” section. Trivia: almost all of the top people involved in the horrible French Revolution were Freemasons, e.g., […]