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9 July, 2010

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Note that Rep. Frank is a Jew and also a homosexual [1]. Almost every human-equality law came from a Jewish politician, e.g., Emanuel Celler’s 1964 Civil Rights Act: [Article]. [1] Rep. Frank introduced bill H.R. 4173 in December 2009

5 January, 2010

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In a way, the “transgender” movement is a bigger scam than the “civil rights” or “human rights” movements, since it rejects biology, i.e., it involves calling a male a “female,” or vice-versa. Newbies, consider a few facts: 1. “Gender” refers only to words/grammar, e.g., “his” (masculine) and “her” (feminine); it doesn’t apply to humans – […]

20 June, 2008

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Today’s women = short men with breasts: [Article].

26 May, 2008

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Newbies, notice that a “sex-change” operation doesn’t change a person’s sex. If you were born with an “X” and a “Y” chromosome, you’re a male, now and forever, no matter how much make-up you pile on. The word “she” cannot ever apply to you. Also, the word “gender” – which has today been co-opted by […]

23 May, 2008

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With the help of Jewish doctors, modern medicine has become so…modern: [Article].

6 April, 2008

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If you’re born with two X chromosomes, you’re a female, right? Not anymore. Thanks to the queer movement – which includes transvestite and transsexual activism – “sex” has a new definition [1][2]: [Article]. [1] about the word “gender”: [Here] [2] about the queer movement and who dominates it: [Here]

26 March, 2008

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by Robert E. Reis: [Here]. (Newbies, take note: “gender” is not to be confused with “sex”).

22 October, 2007

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Men built the space program. But now, women are assuming important roles in orbit [1][2][3]: [Article]. [1] about the evolution of authority: [Here] [2] about the words “gender” and “sex” (the former is often used incorrectly and for political purposes): [Here] [3] about feminism: [Here]