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6 March, 2010

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Trivia: many of the Young Turks involved in the Armenian Genocide were actually Jews, e.g., Young Turks founder Emmanuel Carasso, and Nissim Masliyah/Mazliyah. (Further, the infamous Jew, Alexander Helphand, an important figure in the Bolshevik revolution, was an associate of Carasso’s): [Article]. More about Jews/the Armenian Genocide: [Here].

20 December, 2009

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Newbies, notice that expulsions of the Jews from various countries (there have been dozens over the centuries) have never worked, i.e., they always manage to return. Linder was merely offering an alternate viewpoint, one that other WNs are afraid to consider – at least in public. But wait: don’t the Jews themselves advocate the genocide […]

17 October, 2009

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How not surprising that the ACLU got involved. This matter is directly related to the U.S. Supreme Court’s 1967 Loving v. Virginia ruling: [Article]. More: [Here].

29 January, 2009

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Now that the cruel Jews have renewed their assault on Gaza – an assault which included killing zoo animals [1], let’s recall that the Jewish or Hebrew Bible (i.e., Deuteronomy and the Book of Joshua in the Old Testament and also in the Jewish tanakh) portrays the mass-killing of gentiles/non-Israelites, and their animals, as a […]

27 January, 2009

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Besides free trade, multiculturalism, inflationary money/banking policies, non-White immigration, feminism, anti-family policies and cheap pop culture, what went wrong? [Article].

13 January, 2009

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Newbies, picture in your minds a man who is lost in the woods. He doesn’t know which way to go to get out of the forest. North? South? He wanders aimlessly, hoping that a hot meal and a warm bed will be found over the next ridge. That man is modern America. That’s why rap […]

3 September, 2008

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Elstner’s exit is tragic but understandable: the Germans have been Jewed beyond belief, e.g., the 1933 Jewish declaration of “war,” the actual war, the mistreatment, torture and deaths after the war at the hands of the “allies” and the war-criminal “Swedish-Jew” Eisenhower, de-Nazification, Nuremberg, reparations payments, the forced guilt-trips that continue to this day, etc. […]

2 September, 2008

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Scary stuff: [Here].

1 April, 2008

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WHY AMERICANS WILL BELIEVE ALMOST ANYTHING – by Tim O’Shea It is an exhausting and endless task to keep explaining to people how most issues of conventional wisdom are scientifically implanted in the public consciousness by a thousand media clips per day. In an effort to save time, I would like to provide just a […]

21 February, 2008

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This column raises a good topic for newbies to consider: why do the “parasitic” Jews ruin their “host” countries? Eric Thomson addressed that matter in 2000. Here’s part of what he wrote: The Jew “is a congenital subverter and corrupter who cannot stop himself from undoing his own work upon the attainment of his power. […]