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8 May, 2017

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The globalist, anti-White, anti-France retard Emmanuel Macron won the May 7 election. Or did he? Will we ever know for sure whether or not the election was stolen from Le Pen? Either way, Macron will spell doom for France’s White culture: Brown immigration will greatly increase and the White population (you know, the people who […]

29 December, 2016

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(Above: Palestine went from being Arab to being Jewish) The very last thing that Israel wants is peace. Instead, the Jews want to control the entire Middle East and they nearly do already, thanks to their sophisticated weapons and America’s massive military and financial support. But the bottom line is this: the Jews have been […]

26 August, 2016

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If a country has no borders, then it isn’t a country! Hence the reason EU leaders don’t want borders. By the way: isn’t committing White genocide (via Brown immigration and multiculturalism) a crime in Europe? Yes, it is, under the 1951 Genocide Convention! [1]. That Convention has been ratified by most White countries, including Germany, […]

11 May, 2015

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Warning the public that Whites are being genocided by multiculturalism and immigration is “evil.” If warning people about the genocide is evil, then the genocide must be good? That’s truly sick. (Have you ever read the official definition of genocide? You don’t have to actually commit it. If you engage in acts that will likely […]

19 May, 2008

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Oy, to be a Jew is to be in perpetual conflict with yourself: “Dr. Nahum Goldmann, in his book The Jewish Paradox, describes the Jewish people as ‘the most paradoxical in the world,’ a description that fully embraces the Genocide Convention, an instrument of international law designed to take the risk out of risky Jewish […]