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19 August, 2013

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Ha-ha! As if Jews give a crap about democracy. Israel isn’t a democrazy. It has a parliament (called the Knesset) that is roughly 91% Jewish and 9% Arab, but that’s not the same thing as being a democrazy, and the Jews know it [1]. Israel goes to great lengths to try to fool people into […]

14 August, 2013

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If only The flag-waving “patriot” crowd knew that the reason the NWO is rolling over the West like a steamroller is because the, uhh, “allies” whipped Germany and Japan, who both wisely signed the Anti-Comintern Pact. America didn’t sign it. Instead, we teamed up with the murderous, communist Soviet Union; then, a few years later, […]

14 July, 2013

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The Nuremberg trials of former Nazis were so fraudulent that they could not have been held in America, since the U.S. prohibits kangaroo-court tactics such as ex post facto charges and hearsay testimony [1]. The Nuremberg trials were so ethnically tainted that they could be described as “Jewish-produced.” Not surprisingly, Nuremberg remains “legit” to historians […]

28 March, 2013

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General rule of thumb: if a media report was/is about Hitler, the truth is the opposite of what the media reported. The infamous Jesse Owens/Hitler report is a great example of that. [Article].

22 March, 2013

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Decades later, the “war on Hitler” continues. Notice the key wording in the first paragraph: “may have had” Jewish/African roots. What, they’re not sure?? Next, we’ll be reading that Hitler “may have had” baboon genes…no, wait, we’ll be reading that he did indeed have baboon genes! [Article].

25 September, 2012

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Since medieval times, Jews have been close advisors, managers and assistants to powerful gentile leaders [1]. Name a big mover-and-shaker, and you’ll find a Jew – or five of ‘em – whispering into his ear. (That Jewish whispering could be seen at the 1919 Versailles conference, which produced a treaty punishing Germany for imaginary “crimes.” […]

26 August, 2012

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…and in with the Jew, er, new. [Article].

25 August, 2012

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“In other countries the Jew is permitted to mix more readily with the people, he can amass his control unchallenged; but in Germany the case was different. Therefore, the Jew hated the German people; therefore, the countries of the world which were most dominated by the Jews showed the greatest hatred of Germany during the […]

21 July, 2012

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International Human-Rights Asshole #1: “Let’s send the Afghans to Scandinavia – they seem to like foreigners.” International Human-Rights Asshole #2: “No, I have a better idea. Let’s twist the knife a little more: we’ll send the Afghans to quiet, picturesque towns in Germany. There, they will breed, and soon there won’t be any more quiet, […]

19 June, 2012

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“Germany and Russia were the two countries scheduled for punishment by the International Jewish bankers because these two countries were most aware of the Jew. They have been punished; that job is done.” — from Chapter 61, “Jewish Power and America’s Money Famine” in the book The International Jew: the World’s Foremost Problem, by Henry […]

18 April, 2012

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One hundred years from now, they will still be dreaming up new ways to brainwash White people about the Nazi era. [Article].

22 January, 2012

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The Jews want America to attack Iran, for Israel’s benefit. But that hasn’t happened yet, so the next best thing for the Jews to do is to make sure that the “White democracies” isolate Iran from the rest of the world, hurting it economically and politically. (By the way, that’s how World War II started. […]

15 January, 2012

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An interesting thread at VNN Forum. While I fully understand the logic behind private citizens owning gold, I also find it curious that Hitler didn’t need gold to keep Germany strong [1]. Today, many rich elites own gold and they can raise or lower the price of it by buying or selling it at certain […]

6 January, 2012

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To quote a Jewish author, law is “the house specialty” of the Jews and their attempts to use it as a weapon against White culture have succeeded. For example, here in America, look at the Brown v. Board of Education court case: even though the legal arguments used by Jewish “experts” weren’t based on the […]

1 January, 2012

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Good reading for newbies who aren’t familiar with the colossal farce that was Nuremberg, a.k.a. Jew’emberg. Not only did Jews like Murray Bernays and David “Mickey” Marcus plan the Nuremberg show trials, they even picked many of the judges and prosecutors. Some of the Frankfurt School teachers were there, and Hermann Göring’s interpreter was a […]