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7 August, 2007

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Now is a good time to consider this question: is Islam naturally a threat to the West? Or is it only a threat due to Zionism, globalism and weak immigration laws in the White countries? [Article]

6 July, 2007

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Another “-ism” in a world full of “-isms” usually produced by kikes. Say, do you see the Jews giving up their sovereignty, their authority? Jews never give up anything – unless they can benefit from it. Only the gentiles are supposed to give all their authority away. All countries have natural or automatic sovereignty. Unions […]

24 June, 2007

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Jewish congressman Tom Lantos considers the idea, but maybe that shouldn’t be too surprising since the Jews, as an ethnic group, have long been devotees of international planning (and even more importantly, they’ve been the architects and leaders of global politics, e.g., Adam Weishaupt, Karl Marx, Leon Trotsky, Leo Pasvolsky and so on). And what […]

11 June, 2007

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Putin: “If someone wants to turn the G8 into an exclusive club for a few members who will try to resolve humanity’s problems among themselves, I think that no good will come of it.” It seems that Putin doesn’t embrace the idea of playing global interloper like AmeriKwa does. And why should he? How would […]

6 May, 2007

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[Following is a repost of a column by the proprietor of VNN readers should heed his warning to protect yourself.] By Don Stott We’ve seen how the prices have gone up over the years, which merely means that the dollar has been inflated, or its quantity increased. Why? To pay the bills the politicians […]

3 February, 2007

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1-28-07 The International Trend Mexican judge: “You have been brought before this international tribunal here in Timbuktu to answer for three horrible crimes: owning an evil handgun, criticizing an innocent, non-White person and referring to Africa as a ‘toilet.’”

16 December, 2006

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[Globalization has been taught in American schools for decades. Despite what the prof says, globalization is a net negative for Whites. Globalization = dollar first, race last. Cheap goods and cheap people is not as good as dear goods and dear people. The people realize this, but the interests of the transnational elite, dominated and […]