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4 August, 2011

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by Stephen M. Walt. […] “But when future historians search for the moment when the “American Empire” reached its pinnacle and began its descent, the war that began 21 years ago would be a good place to start.” [Article].

5 July, 2009

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“White guys?” says Big Jew. “I use them as cannon fodder every 10 years in some war, somewhere.” Iraq: (Scripsick’s son was killed there): [Here]. Gulf War: [Here]. Vietnam: [Here]. Korea: [Here].

11 December, 2008

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Consider the facts: Hundreds of billions of dollars spent. Several thousand White men killed, and many more wounded/maimed. Scores of White marriages ruined. Much of the world now hates America. For what? So that the Jews could get even with Saddam for daring to launch several dozen nuclear-or-biological-capable Scud missiles at Israel during the 1991 […]