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30 January, 2020

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[…] “You see, the Cultural Marxist power class wants to link gun rights themselves, not just this particular gun rally, to White supremacy. That way, they can delegitimize gun rights via a grand fallacy of association. Our leftist overlords believe that if they can link those fundamental liberties to a “pure evil” that isn’t (ethno-nationalist […]

10 October, 2014

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Go to a gun show and what do you see? Thousands of Whites, and maybe, just maybe, a couple of non-Whites. There’s a reason for that. The “gun culture” is a White thing. And, as non-White immigrants flood into America, that gun culture will disappear – another “gift” that brown immigration will bring us. [Article].

13 March, 2010

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You can engage in gun show activism, too, just like the NA does. Sure, some of the folks that you meet at gun shows are Israel-first, “Greatest Generation” patriotards, but some aren’t. (Speaking of guns, here’s an interesting product review): [Article].

24 March, 2009

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Gun shows are great places to offer WN literature to the public. Almost all of the people at the shows are White, conservative-minded and male. Also, the shows are frequent – in some states, there is one held every month. (Be aware, however, that some shows have rules against passing out literature if you aren’t […]