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6 February, 2022

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Now you know why gun shows are important: they are among the last places where Americans can buy guns without filling out government paperwork. Private citizens still sell guns to other private citizens at gun shows (in most states, at least). Currently, the infamous 4473 forms — the government forms which you must fill out […]

3 March, 2021

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Of course liberals and Jews are pushing for more gun-control laws. They’re worried that freedom could break out. Then where would America be?? That could lead to White people defending themselves against attacks by negroes. Heavens! How horrible! Those innocent thugs! In order to take your guns away, (((they))) must first know who has the […]

30 January, 2020

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[…] “You see, the Cultural Marxist power class wants to link gun rights themselves, not just this particular gun rally, to White supremacy. That way, they can delegitimize gun rights via a grand fallacy of association. Our leftist overlords believe that if they can link those fundamental liberties to a “pure evil” that isn’t (ethno-nationalist […]

10 October, 2014

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Go to a gun show and what do you see? Thousands of Whites, and maybe, just maybe, a couple of non-Whites. There’s a reason for that. The “gun culture” is a White thing. And, as non-White immigrants flood into America, that gun culture will disappear – another “gift” that brown immigration will bring us. [Article].

13 March, 2010

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You can engage in gun show activism, too, just like the NA does. Sure, some of the folks that you meet at gun shows are Israel-first, “Greatest Generation” patriotards, but some aren’t. (Speaking of guns, here’s an interesting product review): [Article].

24 March, 2009

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Gun shows are great places to offer WN literature to the public. Almost all of the people at the shows are White, conservative-minded and male. Also, the shows are frequent – in some states, there is one held every month. (Be aware, however, that some shows have rules against passing out literature if you aren’t […]