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9 September, 2014

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This new law will “tie the hands” of the Golden Dawn party. How will nationalist parties survive in Europe with all these “anti-racism” laws being passed? They won’t survive. That’s the whole idea. [Article].

7 September, 2014

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Political correctness doomed investigations into the sex crimes. By the way, thanks to Jews, racism is a crime in England – hence the fears about identifying the Brown abusers [1]. [Article]. [1] England has “racism police,” which are officially and euphemistically called “Community Safety Units.” According to their website, “CSUs will investigate incidents of the […]

3 August, 2014

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A “White” Orthodox Jew is charged with a “hate crime.” How ironic: it was Jews who gave the West “hate crime” laws. Those laws are based on a Soviet law from 1918 that, ironically again, protected Jews from “hate.” Jews are not genetically White. [Article].

8 June, 2014

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(Above: Simon Sheppard) The British government won’t leave Simon Sheppard alone. This White nationalist has been jailed, imprisoned, fined, harassed and surveilled for years — all because he wants to preserve Western culture. That’s his “crime.” Of course, if you’ve studied “White-nation-wrecking,” then you know who created/sponsored/instigated the British hate-crime laws which are used to […]

14 April, 2014

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(Above: Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron, Occupied West Bank, where Baruch Goldstein committed a mass shooting in 1994) When a Jew named Baruch Goldstein massacred 29 Palestinians with a rifle at a mosque in Hebron, Israel in 1994, he killed historic racial enemies of the Jews. Even though the Israeli government officially denounced the crime, actions […]

16 March, 2014

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If you read about a “hate crime” in the newspaper, the chances are very good that it was faked by a Jew, a Black or a queer. [Article] and [Article].

20 November, 2013

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Why would the FBI get involved with this case? Massachusetts cops can’t investigate in their own territory? Is everything now a federal matter? [Article].

12 November, 2013

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Most “regular” White people know that it isn’t a good thing that London is now majority non-White. They’re just afraid to say so in public, probably because public racism (“Incitement to Racial Hatred”) is illegal in England, thanks to Jews [1][2]. Britain is a Western country. Blacks and Browns aren’t Western. Only Whites are Western. […]

10 September, 2013

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Every month or so, Whites must be reminded that they are all evil racists. Here’s this month’s guilt trip. (By the way, should a person earn a Congressional gold medal, 50 years later, for doing absolutely nothing to earn it? Dying isn’t a heroic or noble act per se). [Article].

21 August, 2013

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Two 16-year-old boys (James Bacon and William Kelley) were sent out from the ranch they lived on to find some missing horses. They later stopped at another ranch, and at that ranch, some White men had had a feud with some Indians over a card game. The Indians planned to return to the ranch and […]